How to Get the Shotgun in Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7’s Shotgun is one of the more important weapons in the game, so it pays to get it in a hurry. To begin with, you really want to have investigated a portion of the Processing Area and observed the Scorpion Key. While you can go ahead, we suggest you step back and get the Shotgun in Resident Evil 7 first.

Getting Resident Evil 7’s shotgun is a two-venture process. We additionally cover the means beneath in Polygon’s full Resident Evil 7 aide and walkthrough. Assuming you’re searching for more detail, you can bounce over to segment 2-3 Jack’s back and the cellar to observe the scorpion key and segment 2-4 The last canine’s head and Jack’s supervisor battle to get the shotgun.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is an unadulterated endurance loathsomeness title zeroing in on tense gunplay, frantic investigation, and tormenting bad dream fuel encounters. After a concise stay with close to unadulterated activity interactivity in RE5 and 6, Capcom has returned Backstab in Dark Souls to essentials, conveying a first individual encounter that is now among the best frightfulness games on Xbox One.

In Resident Evil 7, adversaries like the savage Baker family regularly take various handgun clasps to bring down. Fortunately, players can get to all the more remarkable weaponry in the game – expecting they can track down them. One strong weapon players can obtain genuinely right off the bat in the game is the Shotgun in Resident Evil 7, however getting the shotgun is actually quite difficult.

Shotgun location in Resident Evil 7

You’ll initially experience the Shotgun in Resident Evil 7 toward the south of the Main Hall, yet when you get it, the entryway behind you will close.

The secret to this is trade it out with a comparative thing – the old Indiana Jones stunt with a gold sculpture and a pack of sand – to fool the entryway into opening once more. You can’t do this whenever you first experience the Main Hall, yet when you get the Scorpion Key, you’ll have what you really want to get begun.

To open these entryways you should observe the Scorpion Key which is situated inside the Processing Area. See the guide picture over that features the specific area with a yellow circle. There’s nothing convoluted in getting there inasmuch as you have addressed the projector room puzzle first.

Since you have the messed up shotgun you can finish the riddle so head back ground floor and go into the little shotgun room once more. Pickup the Shotgun in Resident Evil 7, trust that the entryways will close and place the wrecked shotgun in it’s place.

How to get the Shotgun in Resident Evil 7

To begin with, get the Scorpion Key from the Processing Area. Then, at that point, head higher up of the Main Hall. Towards the Recreation Room on the west side of the Main House 1F. Assuming that you playing before you head to the Dissection Room, Jack ought to show up from the right. This time, you’ll have little choice however to ward him off.

At this point your experiences with the animals ought to have shown you some things battle. Similar principles apply here; focus on the head, watch with the left guard when an assault is coming, and stay away. After five or so adjusts, he’ll go down, yet for a brief time.

Head to the Recreation Room and you’ll track down a modest bunch of helpful things. The Shotgun in Resident Evil 7 straightforwardly to the side as you come in, and on the off chance. That you open every one of the drawers and cabinets, some consumables and two documents. The ‘Update About Relief’ and ‘Specialist’s Letter’.

Shotgun in Resident Evil 7

Head back to the Main Hall presently, yet be careful there’s a decent possibility Jack will be back. We fended him off once more, yet in principle you could withdraw to a protected room and he might wait up here, however he’ll unquestionably follow you back into the Main Hall assuming that you let him, so you’ll need to make a special effort.

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