5 Best Motherboard For i5-4690k Of 2021

The mix of this multipurpose CPU with the Best Motherboard For i5-4690k encourages you benefit from your Intel Core i5 4690k. An integral motherboard encourages you arrange everything in your PC and satisfy your necessities as they develop. In this article, we have set out the survey of our top-picked motherboards for i5 4690k as of now moving on the lookout.

We had the option to take a gander at probably the most well known motherboards viable with i5 4690k and figure out which ones have the best surveys after individuals have really utilized them.

Are you searching for Best Motherboard For i5-4690k The motherboard is the fundamental part of any work area PC. It should have an adequate number of vital connectors so the client lga1150 motherboard introduce an amazing video card, a lot of RAM and a few drives. Moreover, remember about the need to associate different peripherals. Also, joining this multipurpose CPU with the Best Motherboard For I5-4690k encourages you capitalize on your Core i5-4690k.

A free Best Motherboard for i7 9700k causes you arrange everything in your PC and satisfy your necessities as they develop. In this article, we will survey the Best Motherboard For i5-4690k at present moving on the lookout.

5 Best Motherboard For i5-4690k

1. Asus ATX DDR3 2600

Best Motherboards For i5 4690k

Beginning with a decent choice regarding highlights and valuing, we have the Asus ATX DDR3 2600 LGA. This motherboard consolidates M.2 spaces and SATA Express, making it an incredible choice and an amazing speculation.

It’s a truly fascinating and interesting Best Motherboard For i5-4690k with certain dumbfounding highlights, while a portion of its features may leave you confused also. The Z97-A will substantiate itself very capable for standard use, however in the event that you enhance it, you will discover it just extraordinary. Enhancing it might take some time, yet whenever you have set it, you can immediately overclock it.

Since it is anything but a quick board fundamentally, you need to change the BIOS to make it quick. The included ASUS tuning programming is very acceptable, so you shouldn’t have any issues. The presence of M.2 and SATA express makes it a suffering and future confirmation mid-range motherboard. So regardless of whether you change the processor eventually, it will in any case be viable.

The Z97-A will be a mid-went valued motherboard, and since it lies in that value range, there are numerous different alternatives accessible. So if the Z97-A doesn’t have every one of the highlights you search for in a Best Motherboard For i5-4690k, there are still a lot of choices in this audit to guarantee you track down the correct one.

2. ASRock ATX DDR3

ASRock is one of those names that reliably infer progression in their motherboards, and the Z97 EXTREME6 is an ideal model. This is an unfathomable decision with a phenomenal presentation. In any case, you need to settle on a couple of extreme decisions with it.

The main selling point of the Z97 Extreme6 is the Ultra M.2 port, which has a PCIe 3.0×4 data transmission direct from the CPU, guaranteeing quicker rates and future-verifications this mobo. It likewise has a lot of ports, making it quite possibly the most flexible sheets in this survey.

The Z97 EXTREME6 is brilliant for gaming aficionados who need a Best Motherboard For i5-4690k that can decrease network inertness. It figures out how to lessen the inertness without utilizing a great deal of force, regardless of whether it actually utilizes a considerable amount. In the event that you have a lot of ability to save, you don’t have anything to stress over.

It has superb overclocking alternatives, yet know about the temperatures since it can get singing. We suggest that you settle on an incredible cooling framework if this is your decision of motherboard. ASRock might have added a couple of more highlights to make it significantly really engaging.

3. ASUS Mini ITX DDR3 1600

Best Motherboards For i5 4690k

Going through the Best Motherboard For i5-4690k, here’s another incredible pick in case you’re searching for the best smaller than usual mobo for I5-4690k. The ASUS Mini ITX is a fabulous choice that offers flexibility and superior. It was expected to be a more affable and more direct motherboard than the rest, settling on it a decent decision for amateurs.

It utilizes BIOS 3, which is without crash and reestablishes undermined BIOS information, which assists with critical thinking. The board has switchable modes for different errands like substance creation, gaming, or general work.

ASUS AI Suite 3 is incorporated, giving you admittance to all that ASUS has to bring to the table. It’s an incredible board on the off chance that you need something more modest and simple to utilize and still offers better controls and various highlights. The cooling framework remains calm during its uncommon presentation.


The Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO is the closest competitor to the ASUS PRIME Z390-A. It’s based on a comparative top-end chipset and is viable with all processors through the LGA 1151-v2 attachment. The board has a more intense 13 stage power subsystem with an additional four-pin connector interfacing with the force supply. It can even deal with the 9900K, from a certain perspective.

Shockingly, yes. The radiators have a great deal of metal in them, yet the entire territory isn’t extremely rousing. Be that as it may, there are eight inherent cooling fan connectors and two SVO siphon connectors. On the off chance that you need to overclock this mobo, you ought to consider blowing constrained air on the VRM to keep it cool.

You can tell that the advertisers contributed. A 6+1 stage with two equal MOSFETs on each would have. A similar productivity, which is upheld by the ISL6913 regulator introduced on this board. Yet, 13 stages sounds cooler, doesn’t it!

5. MSI Intel Z390 Gaming

Best Motherboards For i5 4690k

Our next pick is a Z390 chipset-based MSI mobo, specifically the Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon. As you can guess by the name, it’s a motherboard intended for gamers. Not exclusively is it focused on gamers, but on the other hand. It’s one of the least expensive motherboards in this survey.

Despite the fact that it has an unassuming sticker price. It actually conveys very good quality highlights, and the feel aren’t awful possibly; it looks significantly better compared to Best Motherboard For i5-4690k.

You will discover the RGB lighting on the correct side underneath the console and the I/O board. A dark and silver-hued huge heatsink with a winged serpent logo and carbon text covers the M.2 opening and chipset. The PCB is in dark, and the I/O board shield has a carbon surface with a slight bit of silver.

The Gaming Pro Carbon utilizes the Realtek ALC1220P sound codec, which is a fair chipset and offers a decent SNR. Seven fan headers are adequately adequate to cool even the most force hungry segments.

The VRM is adequate to help ninth era processors, so it will not have any issues with the I5-4690K. Regardless of whether you overclock the load up above 5GHz, the VRM stays around 90-degrees, which is worthy.

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