How to Buy the Season of the Haunted Season Pass in Destiny 2

Today, we will show you How to buy the Season of the Haunted Season Pass in Destiny 2. The Season of the Haunted has shown up for Destiny 2. The declaration showed up almost 12 hours before it sent off, revealing the arrival of Calus’ boat, the Leviathan, as it endeavors to interface with the Moon’s Pyramid structure. The Guardians are trying to keep this from happening, going on board the boat the cut off this association. Before you hop into the season, you need to get the Season Pass. This is the very thing you really want to be familiar with how to buy the Season of the Haunted Season Pass in Destiny 2.

How to buy the Season of the Haunted Season Pass in Destiny 2

How to Buy the Season of the Haunted Season Pass in Destiny 2

You can buy the Season of the Haunted season pass with Silver, Destiny 2’s in-game paid cash. The pass costs 1,000 Silver which emerges to $9.99 USD. Silver can be bought through the in-game interface or straightforwardly through the store on your foundation of decision.

The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition is the main other way players can get the Season of the Haunted season pass. The Deluxe Edition gives players the season pass for Seasons 16 through Season 19 as a feature of the group. It ought to be said that players won’t get any kind of markdown for buying the Deluxe Edition. You will in any case be paying pretty much $10 USD for each season pass.

Choice version of The Witch Queen

In conclusion, players who purchased the Deluxe version of The Witch Queen don’t need to buy the season pass since it’s included in the offering. This implies there’s more Silver for the genuine final plan in Destiny 2: design.

Close by Season of the Haunted, players can expect another prison, which might be founded on an abandoned Leviathan Leave a Clan, in view of the trailers. Gatekeepers can anticipate a blend of new and returning weapons, with Calus-themed guns noticeable all through the trailer. The cinematic additionally shows Hive-themed protective layer, prods the Solar 3.0 revamp, and uncovered a Hunter with a monster scythe — leaving barely sufficient expectation for players until the new season discharges.

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Start Time

Season 17, which is called Season of the Haunted, will send off on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 1:00 PM EDT/10:00 AM PDT/6:00 PM BST/7:00 PM CEST. It will go on until August 23 and brings a great deal to the table. There are pristine exotics, a modified Subclass, thus considerably more. We will make certain to cover the full fix notes when they discharge.

Purchasing Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Season Pass

Open up Destiny 2 and go to the Director map.
Go to the Seasons tab.
Buy the most current season from here.
You can either buy them individually or as a piece of a pack like the Destiny 2 Digital Deluxe Edition. You can determine what ebb and flow season is dynamic and its end day through the presentation in this tab. For the situation of Season of the Haunted, it’ll run from May 24 to Aug. 23.

Trespasser Exotic Arc

As far as plunder, the Trespasser Exotic Arc sidearm is back from the original Destiny, and comes from the season pass track. There are additionally four new seasonal weapons (including what gives off an impression of being a Stasis follow rifle), and four weapons returning from Season of Opulence’s Menagerie action.

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