Best Female Wrestlers in WWE 2K22

This article is about Best female wrestlers in WWE 2K22. WWE 2K22 elements numerous skilled female wrestlers, including Asuka, Becky Lynch, and, surprisingly, the top dog that changed games entertainment for ladies, Chyna. Here are the five best-evaluated female wrestlers in the game to play start to finish.

Best female wrestlers in WWE 2K22

Becky Lynch (92)

At the first spot on the list is the current RAW Women’s Championship holder Becky Lynch at a 92 rating. She’s a specialist cruiserweight that can use the strong Manhandle Slam and Dis-Arm-Her. Becky likewise has a not insignificant rundown of ten combos that she acts in the game, including the Arm Wringer Flip and Shoulder Breaker, among numerous others. Becky Lynch is the boss for an explanation as she’s solid in the square circle.

Best female wrestlers in WWE 2K22

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Charlotte Flair (90)

Additionally an expert cruiserweight and current SmackDown Women’s Championship holder, Charlotte Flair graces the ring. She has a fabulous all out of seven different exceptional moves she can use in the ring, including various DDTs and her Tilt-A-Whirl Small Package assault. Like Becky Lynch, she can likewise act with ten distinct combos available to her, for example, two different Chop Blocks and a Back Rake. Style has numerous choices for you while you play as her.


Leah Van Dale is an American expert grappler, artist and model. She is right now endorsed to WWE, where she performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Carmella, and is one portion of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions with Queen Zelina in their first rule.

On a new episode of UpUpDownDown, WWE facilitated official ratings uncover. It was then uncovere that Becky Lynch was the most elevate appraise female genius in the game. Yet, all things considered, Morgan was blue at her rating. She took to Twitter and expressed, “That prior second @Ronnie2k tells you, you’re just a 77. @WWEgames I’m a 80 in any event.”

Morgan’s tirade on her rating is legitimize since she has improved huge amounts at a time since her introduction. She was even as of late involved in a title fight with Becky Lynch. Her fight with Lynch procured her commendations from previous whizzes, and well she merited a rating of 80 in any event.

Alexa Bliss

One of WWE’s most baffling person decisions of the most recent a year has repackaging Bliss as ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt’s companion – then, at that point, having her fight with Randy Orton in the last’s nonattendance. Benevolently that storyline finished at WrestleMania, with Bliss crying dark tears as Wyatt lost clean to Orton following a RKO.

Best female wrestlers in WWE 2K22

True to form the Four Horsewomen in WWE have the most noteworthy ratings on the list, with Bayley having a 88, Becky Lynch having 92, Charlotte Flair having 90, and Sasha Banks having a 88 rating. With Becky Lynch pushed as the top female star in the organization these beyond couple of years, it seems OK for her to have the most noteworthy by and large rating out of the whole ladies’ list, however some might protest it since Lynch was away for a decent part of 2020 and 2021.

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