Gamer’s Gold Aims to Build the World’s Largest ‘Play to Earn’ Platform

Today, around one out of three individuals play web based games in a market estimated to produce an income of more than $200B USD. Coronavirus, and the corresponding lockdowns, further drove interest and significantly affected the size of the market. Major web-based championships drawing an always developing viewership further drove market development and infiltration. In any case, today is estimated that main the top one percent of gamers earn cash for their skill.

The use of in-game currencies is not new, but blockchain provides the capacity to exchange game cash for crypto currencies, without the requirement for players to connection to their personal bank details. The possibilities currently stretch considerably further than just having the option to access rewards and items without any difficulty and security. Gamers can now possibly earn advanced money, in actuality, for their in-game efforts or compensated for their interest with in-game assets, cryptocurrencies or even computerized assets through tokenization.

Gamer’s Gold aims to try and out the playing field by empowering gamers of all skill levels to earn a pay. Tokens and cryptocurrencies will be earned by players by means of tournaments, reference programs as well as sponsorship programs upheld by ecosystem partners. As such, Gamer’s Gold hopes to all the more similarly partition the abundance amongst the massive gaming market. Additionally, they desire to make the Gamer’s Gold platform a safe asylum for gamers.

Concordium, based in Switzerland, is characterizing another classification of consistence working with blockchains. Concordium is a Web 3 based, sustainable and science-demonstrated blockchain. It is the first decentralized blockchain with recognizable proof at the protocol level which helps work with more prominent regulatory consistence. This personality layer offers transactional protection while supporting regulatory responsibility, and, as such, is an extraordinary coordinate with use cases of this nature.

Solitary Fønss Schrøder, CEO, Concordium, remarked: “Internet gaming has always been a thrilling field. With the coming of blockchain, it can now be a safer asylum for gamers to make in-game purchases. Our partnership with Gamer’s Gold has created out of our joint vision of a superior (more equitable and decentralized) world being empowered by blockchain innovation. It is a distinction to have been chosen by this group for their task.”

Steffen Kirkegaard, Founder and CEO, Gamer’s Gold remarked, “With blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) will empower us to give our gamers a superior, more populist experience. Gamers will get their cash on schedule, they will get their winnings regardless of the size of the award. Companies and developers can also get a slice of the pie, whether they are mainstream or specialty players. In Concordium, we tracked down a band together with a shared vision and the capacity to advance in-game responsibility and fairplay by using the ID capacity to adjust between character check and protection.”

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