How To Beat The Skate Park Challenge in High on Life

In the event that you’ve found the Beat The Skate Park Challenge in High on Life and need to finish the challenge, it’s without a doubt trickier than it looks. You really want to score an adequate number of points in request to win a chest, so we’re going to separate precisely exact thing you really want to do to effortlessly get a high score and demonstrate that you have the stuff to not skate in a skate park or something.

In the event that you haven’t found the skate park then getting to it is very basic. You’ll have to have eight twist precious stones which can be found in twist bases or chests. Once you have those, go to Blorto’s food slow down in Blim, which is right close to your Angela Skrendel High On Life. Then exchange the precious stones for a skate park twist plate. Once you have that, you can go to any twist location. I lean toward the ones in the Out-edges close to the Schlooper wreck (this is the very biome that highlights Residue City), as there are two twist points right close to the entryway you make with the Bounty5000.

High on Life has numerous mysterious regions to find, and the Skate Park is one of the secret zones players can get to. Uncovering mysteries and secret collectibles in High on Life is all essential for the game’s tomfoolery and replay esteem, with a lot of things to do subsequent to completing the game. Paying a visit to the Skate Park and beating its mini-in-game challenge is an unquestionable requirement for fans that need to open and reveal everything in the game, including a covered up luglox chest. However, albeit the Beat The Skate Park Challenge in High on Life can appear to be daunting after a few endeavors, a few basic hints can assist players with completing it.

Beat the skate park challenge in High on Life

Simply head to one of those and put your skate park twist circle in and the park will show up. Investigate and you’ll find three NPCs sitting down. Converse with them and they’ll challenge you to score north of 42,000 points (and some adjustment of) their skate challenge. Remember, you can’t get a skateboard, so you’re going to hop.

Beating this score isn’t hard, however you’ll have to know what to do. The very best method for doing this is to turn upward and observe all the hook bugs. What you believe should do when the clock begins counting down is bounce, catch on one of the bugs, then hook again.

You’ll have to chain catches while continuing to move. Jumping will only increase your multiplier a single time, while grappling will Beat The Skate Park Challenge in High on Life, so you really want to catch however much you can. At the point when there are only a couple of moments left on the clock, fall and stand on the ground to bank your points. In the event that you’ve done this accurately, you ought to have north of 50,000 points and a chest containing 1,000 pesos will show up for the taking. That is all you want to do to beat the skate park challenge in High on Life.

Beat The Skate Park Challenge in High on Life

Skate Park Challenge Prize

At the point when players complete the Beat The Skate Park Challenge in High on Life, a message shows up on the screen indicating players have succeeded. The teenagers praise the player’s prosperity and prize them with a mystery luglox chest, a yellow luglox chest variation. This prize aides players looking to accomplish the Luglox Massacre accomplishment, granted for finding and opening all luglox chests in the game.

You’ll have to trade the Twist Gems you find to buy the selection he has. You can find Twist Gems in each level of the game after inside machines that have the precious stones locked inside. You’ll have to overcome each foe nearby for these machines to open.

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