How to Find Angela Skrendel High On Life

This guide will show how to finish the goal “Find Angela Skrendel” in the fourth bounty mission “Skrendel Bros Bounty” of the game High On Life, released on 13 December 2022.

After entering the cloning facility defeat all the adversaries of the Security Team and enter the left structure.

In High on Life, you play a human teenager who is out of nowhere tasked with taking down the greatest alien bounties that space has at any point seen. One of these many bounties is the Skrendel Brothers. These are a threesome of cyclops brothers who each have their own battle prior to meeting up to become one entire manager named Brother Tron.

The three brothers are relatively easy to defeat on their own as the greater part of their attacks come from a bobbing strategy they perform around the arena. You’ll have to avoid the ooze from these attacks while utilizing Creature’s Stunt Opening to upset the attack. After each defeat, the brothers will take off.

How to Find Angela Skrendel High On Life

Finding Angela Skrendel

Enter the structure and launch Creature’s youngsters into the two openings. Voices Knifey High On Life one on each side of the wall to eliminate the barrier.

In the following area, dial back the vent fan and launch Creature’s youngsters again into the opening to eliminate the barrier.

Talk to Magistrate Clugg

Before you can start Skrendel Bros or Dr. Giblets bounties, you’ll get back to turn in your third bounty. Whether your third bounty was Krubis or Douglas, Quality will incite you to look at the transmission. Blim City Magistrate, Clugg Nuggmin, will praise your endeavors against the G3 Cartel and ask that you pay him a visit. Enter the portal and you’ll travel to Magistrate Clugg’s office.

Buy a Jetpack

Gather the Tool from his work area and get back, after a concise conversation with Quality, head to Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop to purchase a Jetpack for 999 Pesos. Unfortunately, the Jetpack will be on backorder, so you’ll have to return several days to get it.

At the point when you’re done shopping, run home to take a nap, and when you awake, you’ll have the Jetpack prepared. Go through the fast tutorial to gather the Luglox presented above, then head back home to resolve the argument about the attractiveness of Lizzie’s beau, Tweeg. However you’ll have the chance to favor either party, your dialog Decisions will only provoke different voicelines and won’t have an impact on the greater narrative.

Skrendel Bros Bounty Walkthrough

In the event that you decided to finish the Dr. Giblets Bounty preceding this one, you’ll have to resolve an argument among Lizzie and Quality about Lizzie’s beau Tweeg before you can accept the Skrendel Bros bounty. You’ll have the option to allow Tweeg to stay in the house or advise him to leave. However you can provoke different voicelines relying upon your Decisions, there will be no impact on the greater narrative.

How to Find Angela Skrendel High On Life

Reach the Skrendel Labs

Starting at the Lower Valley portal, talk to the enduring Moplet ahead, then walk past them to reach the zipline leading to the Mushroom Stream. Equip Mods High on Life At the finish of the zipline, follow the mushroom path to one side by utilizing your Jetpack to leap from one mushroom to another. At the finish of the mushroom path, you’ll find a grapple bug. Look across the slop stream and shoot a circle into the hotwall with Gus prior to grappling off the bug and onto the plate.

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