How to Beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal

As a remaster of Persona 5, Persona 5 Royal has redesigned Palaces and added new stages to the original supervisor battles. Remarkably, Beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal of the fifth Palace has gained a trouble spike that can make him very frustrating for some to overcome.

Fortunately, there are at least one or two methods for making Postbox in Persona 5 Royal more straightforward in Persona 5 Royal. The first is to associate with level 44 preceding sending the calling card. The second is to have certain Confidants maximized or if nothing else far enough in to get the right advantages. Finally, players ought to have Skills that can eradicate foe buffs and fix their group’s status afflictions.

The explanation this can be such a problematic fight is that the modest mechanics come all the way out of nowhere, and assuming you’ve saved your game subsequent to entering the royal residence to battle him you could find yourself in a somewhat tough spot.

Begin the royal residence by following the way back to the bio-measurements entryway that we abandoned last time. So go up the elevator and turn left a few doors down. There will currently be foes occupying the castle, so make certain to take them out cautiously. Move onto the overhang and afterward around to the room with the entryway.

Persona 5 Royal has dumbed the game down in numerous ways. However, one of the most sinister supervisor experiences of Beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal, the Okumura chief, was made much more challenging by introducing turn-based resets and mechanics not present in some other fight.

How to Beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal

The majority of the Okumura supervisor battle happens through fighting his minions, while Beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal just issues status buffs, assault orders, or sends debuffs to your group; that goes for the two variants of the game.

In the original game, Beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal is somewhat of a bizarre chief, yet all at once not unkillable. The main thing you need to stress over is the fall to pieces successions that Okumura issues now and again. These arrangement incredible AoE harm, so the group needs to zero in on that minion and bring it down to keep a part from getting almost a single shot.

There are five ‘ordinary’ minions in waves:

  • Little blue “MDL-WKR” is feeble to Fire and Wind and opposes everything else.

  • Little yellow ones “MDL-CH” are helpless against Ice and Psi yet oppose everything else.
  • The tall red “MDL-AM” are feeble to Electric, Wind, Bless, and Nuke harm and oppose any remaining harm.

Beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal

  • The tall blue “MDL-DM” are feeble to Bless, Electric, or Wind while resisting different sorts.
  • The huge green “MDL-GM” is defenseless against Curse and Psi harm and impervious to different kinds.

Because of minion shortcomings, the best characters to use in the battle are Haru, Morgana, and Ryuji. They cover the vast majority of the minion harm types while providing essential healing and debuffs. Joker ought to likewise have Electric and Psi Personas or combinations primed and ready.

How to Beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal

In Persona 5 Royal, this manager battle appears as though it’s made unnecessarily more troublesome.

While the general outline of the initial not many waves remains something similar, with similar minions to go through, you need to finish whole minion waves in two turns after they show up. If not, they’ll take off and get supplanted with an indistinguishable wave, which sits around and moves. Beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal likewise arranges minions to go after a single person each turn, which can make them lose all HP due to being the essential concentration.

Increasing the trouble to Merciless can help you through these minions quicker since it increases the harm from striking shortcomings. However, it can likewise make the Exec substantially more challenging accordingly.

Beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal

An influx of four green (GM) robots is the greatest ruin for most players, particularly on the off chance that Okumura orders a Sacrifice and buffs a similar minion’s safeguard. This combination makes it extremely difficult to annihilate him on schedule while abiding by the wave turn clocks.

For this battle, you’ll have to Baton Pass onto Joker or Haru if you have any desire to get any opportunity of killing these minions on schedule. Try not to utilize AoE assaults on more vulnerable adversaries so you have an open door at Baton Passing while your team is generally protected.

Beating Okumura in P5 and P5R Is No Easy Feat

Okumura is perhaps of the most notorious supervisor in Persona 5, particularly in the Royal rerelease because of frustrating wave reset mechanics. Make a point not to save after you’ve entered the castle, or you may be left with a terrible group to take him on.

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