What are the Best Automated Translation Tools for different browsers?

Whether you are browsing the internet for work or pleasure, there may be times when you need to quickly translate the information on a page. We often explain how to change the language, as per gamersmenu.com/change-audio-language-in-ghostwire-tokoyo/, on games you are playing. But what about translating entire webpages? You can select and copy text, and then paste it into an online translation service, but that can be fiddly and take time. To make life easy, there is a range of translation tools that you can use directly from within your browser. Here are three of the best options.

Google Translate

Google’s translation service is one of the most popular. Many people use the app on their smartphones but not everyone is aware they can also use it from their web browser. The official Google Translate extension can be installed on the Chrome browser but there are third-party Google Translate-powered extensions on Firefox and Opera.

This means you can browse foreign gaming websites and automatically translate them into your native language. This is great for sites like DeVuego, which is an excellent Spanish video game press database. Google works best for European translations and is by no means perfect. But you’ll at least get results that you can read and understand, even if there are a few technical errors in the translation.


DeepL Translator is a popular alternative to Google. It was only launched five years ago but has a loyal following thanks to its powerful machine translation capabilities. Users swear by its accuracy, and it is the top choice for many professional writers and editors. The DeepL Translate extension for Chrome is the only official browser version. But users can also download the DeepL desktop app to translate any highlighted text by hitting Ctrl + CC.

The browser extension also works with the pro version. This makes it easy to access foreign language gaming sites. For example, casino players can head to https://www.casinolariviera.net/fr/machine-a-sous-en-ligne and easily translate the content. You’ll soon discover that “La machine a sous en ligne” means “Online slot machine,” while “Casino en ligne” means “Online casino.”  You’ll also realize that many phrases including “Casino” and “Roulette” are French in origin. So, you’ll have even more options to play at the meilleur casinos en ligne (best online casinos) in the future. And that brings us neatly to our final app.


If you want to learn a new language while browsing online, the Toucan browser extension is the one for you. Toucan helps you learn a new language without taking lessons. You just browse as normal and every time you visit a website, Toucan automatically translates some text into the language you want to learn. This means you learn words in the context of your own language.

This is a comfortable way to learn and become part of your daily routine. There are free and paid versions depending on how serious you are and how many features you want. It is particularly good for boosting your vocabulary, but you won’t get the grammatical and conversational expertise that you’ll need if you want to really master a new language.

These are just three translation apps that you can install on your browser. There are dozens more out there and everyone has their favorites. So, try a few out and see what works for you.

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