How To Get Into Esport Game And Become A Sportsman

Esport game is a team or individual competition on the platforms of various video games. For some people this is entertainment, for others, it is a way to prove themselves, become famous, and make it their profession. Read about how this area works in our article.

Can Esports Be Called A Sport?

For most people, sport is associated with physical activity. But in fact, this concept covers competitions related to intellectual activity and endurance. Therefore, sports include, for example, chess or the card game “bridge”.

Pros And Cons Of Esports

Computer sports have many advantages. And we decided to tell you what a gamer who is seriously interested in eSports can expect.

  1. The ability to turn a hobby into a profession: it’s good if a person enjoys what he does, but it’s even better when his favorite activity brings him income.
  2. Opportunity to earn money: Experienced and successful esports players can expect prize payouts and advertising fees, as well as a stable salary in their club.
  3. Public Recognition: It is not difficult for a player who has performed well to become a media person. He will participate in photo shoots, appear in commercials and give interviews.
  4. Ability to travel: competitions are held in different countries, and if you are a successful sportsman, the organizers cover the costs of travel and accommodation.
  5. Expanding the circle of communication: you can communicate not only with teammates but also with fans – esports players also have them, just like football players. You will also find forums and communities where gamers share their experience and make useful contacts.

However, There Are Also Disadvantages, And This Must Be Taken Into Account.

  1. The risk of not achieving the desired results: everyone wants to be champions, but only a few become them. It may turn out that hard training will not lead to victory.
  2. The need for initial investment: a powerful computer and gaming peripherals of decent quality – all this is expensive. Participation in competitions, while you have not shown yourself in any way, will also have to be paid for by yourself.
  3. Low and unstable earnings: at first, any cyber sportsman will have to try not so much for the sake of money, but to earn credibility. But this period can be quite long. And someone will not be able to become a highly paid professional at all.
  4. Health problems: hard training and intense competition are serious tests for the nervous system. In addition, you have to constantly sit in a chair, making a minimum of movements. Therefore, do not forget about physical exercises.

Who Are Cyber Sportsmen And When They Become Them

Just as not everyone who kicks a ball in the backyard is a soccer player, not everyone who plays console games is an esports player. An esportsman is a professional, a person who takes part in competitions and receives money. As a rule, he chooses one of the virtual disciplines:

  • first-person shooters;
  • real-time strategies;
  • sports simulators;
  • car or flight simulators;
  • fighting games;
  • team role-playing games in which there are elements of tactics and strategy.

An esportsman, having chosen a specific game, hones the skills that are necessary for it. According to statistics, the majority of professional gamers are people between the ages of 18 and 29. But gradually eSports is getting younger. On semi-professional sites, people start their careers at the age of 13-14. In 2020, the esports organization Team 33 signed a contract with eight-year-old Fortnite player Joseph Dean. Two years earlier, when Joseph was only six, Team 33 allowed him to train. Most likely, soon, such cases will occur more often.

How To Organize A Place To Play

If you become a star of eSports tournaments, managers will ask you many questions. Participants of prestigious competitions are waiting for plane tickets, paid hotel rooms, and prepared top-class equipment. But beginners need to do everything on their own, including buying a computer and peripherals for it. An eSportsman needs:

  • powerful desktop or laptop;
  • a mouse that provides full control over everything that happens on the screen;
  • fast and stable internet.

It is also desirable to have a comfortable table of a suitable height, a chair that allows you to feel comfortable during many hours of a gaming session, and headphones. A headset isn’t just about immersing yourself in the game and having more fun with the audio effects. Surround sound helps you navigate the virtual space and detect opponents on time, besides, headphones with a microphone will come in handy to communicate with teammates.

Mobile Gaming

Cybersportsmen mainly play on computers and consoles. But mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular, and esports projects are also appearing in this area, for example, PUPG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. For training and participation in competitions, you need a fast and stable Internet connection. For this, we have a special tariff called ” Game “. For 800 rubles you will receive:

  • 30 GB of the internet;
  • unlimited calls to all Tele2 Russia numbers;
  • 700 minutes of calls to other Russian numbers;
  • unlimited traffic on YouTube, Switch and Discord for communication and streaming.

If you increase the monthly fee to 1090 rubles, you will have access to home Internet at a speed of 100 Mbps – this is already enough for computer gaming. In addition to all of the above – The wargaming option. It provides many advantages in the popular games World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Warplanes.

How To Choose A Game

It is important to choose a game and focus on it so that you do not waste energy on developing skills and abilities that you will not need later. Modern eSports is divided into two areas:

  • computer – games that are played on stationary computers and laptops;
  • console – games for consoles Xbox One, PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii U.

When choosing a suitable esports discipline, you need to take into account your capabilities and preferences. Even a simple “like or dislike” can make a difference.

Joining A Team For Training – How-to

Any game that is considered an esports discipline has websites and forums. People place orders on them. Teams are looking for players, and gamers are trying to find a place in the team. However, one must understand that a well-coordinated team that has any success will not take a newcomer into its ranks.

Try to participate in any competitions more often, especially if they have at least some official status, and allow you to add points to the rating. In esports, as in traditional sports, some managers are looking for those who have a chance to become a star. You may be able to get an invitation – many eminent players ended up in the teams in which they are today in this way. Practice more. This means that you need:

  • play not for fun, but to develop skills;
  • try to understand your strengths and weaknesses;
  • view past games, analyze them, understand where you made a mistake and where you did everything right;
  • follow the matches of professionals, analyze them and think about why experienced players act in certain situations in one way or another;
  • read manuals and take into account the advice of experienced gamers.

You need to train according to the schedule – this will help to avoid physical and nervous overwork. In addition, regular training disciplines.

If You Can’t Become A Professional

There are ups and downs in every area of ​​life. If at the very beginning of your career you fail to become a sought-after esportsman, it’s okay. Train, hone your skills and improve your skills. But if time goes by, you spend a lot of time training, and you can’t become a successful player with a decent rating, you can think about some other sports field. Choose what you like and please you!

And it is not necessary to completely part with eSports. Maybe you will make a good team manager, commentator, or columnist.

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