How To Get Atomic Battery in Stray

The new game from Blue Twelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive conveys a riddle pressed experience where you control a feline on his main goal to rejoin with his loved ones. He joins up with robot drone B-12 and the two should cooperate to open a fixed city and save its robot inhabitants. Atomic Battery in Stray offers everything you could need from a game where you play as a feline. Run, bounce, scratch – it’s everything here. What’s more, it’s incredible tomfoolery.

Stray is an experience Cat game that offers 12 sections with a robot named B-12. As the pair come to find their direction to the Outside, they experience a few Robot friends. With part 11 reaching its end, you draw nearer to reaching Outside. In any case, to arrive at there, you really want to drive up a Subway train. To begin the tram train, you really want a major wellspring of energy and an Atomic Battery. Not to stress, this is our aide while heading to get the Atomic Battery in Stray.

If you have any desire to open the tram framework in Stray, you’ll have to find the atomic battery. Whenever you’ve met Clementine in Midtown and got the laborer’s coat and cap for Blazer, you’ll have the option to slip into the Neco factory. In the wake of avoiding the Escape From Jail In Chapter 11, you’ll arrive at the region where the atomic battery is kept, yet getting to it is somewhat precarious.

How To Get Atomic Battery in Stray

After you have gotten inside the Neco Factory and passed through the laser entryway protecting the Atomic Battery, you need to settle a riddle to get your hands on it.

To tackle the riddle, you will require the barrel from the segment previously and the two robots.

This is how to get the Atomic Battery in Stray:

  • Turn the robot close to the window on. It will follow any place you go. Take it over to the fenced off corner on the opposite side of the room and use it to get around.
  • When on the opposite side, dynamic the switch change to open the entryway, then turn the other robot on. Lead it to the plate switch close to the window and turn it off when on the switch.
  • Take the principal robot and put it onto the plate switch close to the wall.
  • Get in the barrel and wheel it under the battery and onto the far switch.

After you have situated the barrel, the Atomic Battery will be set free from its frame.

Getting past the Sentinels

Atomic Battery in Stray

There are different rooms with Sentinels that you should get past, starting with the room that you are dropped off in. Begin by running past the one Sentinel after it passes to the left half of the extension. Race to one side and go through the passage to get to the subsequent room.

In the subsequent room, you will see two Atomic Battery in Stray. The one on the left half of the room will move while the one on the right side will remain set up. Hold on until the moving Sentinel passes by the barrels and afterward utilize the barrels to cross the water.

Subsequent to crossing the water, go to one side and go behind the containers to find more barrels in the water. Utilize the barrels back to cross the water to get behind the fixed Sentinel. Pass through the entryway behind the fixed Sentinel to go into the third room.

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