How to Win Rebirth of the Dead in Call of Duty: Warzone

In this article we will show you How to win Rebirth of the Dead in Call of Duty: Warzone. For fans who recollect the Zombie-based Call of Duty: Warzone modes in the past will be know about this kind of undead royale. Be that as it may, with another Infestation technician and a few little changes – including the rejection of hop panics, which ought to be incredible information for frightened decorations. Rebirth of the Dead is ready to be an excited, fun, and challenging experience for all players.

How to win Rebirth of the Dead in Call of Duty: Warzone

How to Win Rebirth of the Dead in Call of Duty: Warzone

Rebirth of the Dead is a fight royale mode that has up to ten groups of four competing to be the last group with a human standing. When somebody passes on in a group, they are transformed into a zombie and redeployed to the war zone.

While playing as a zombie, you will have three new capacities: a charged leap, a Gas Grenade, and an EMP Blast. They can likewise follow late human footprints and utilize their hooks to kill them. Your objective as a zombie is to find four Antiviral Syringes around the guide. They are hued purple and will show up on the mini-map. They can be on the ground or in Supply Boxes, Medical Supplies, and Buy Stations. In the event that you kill a human, you get two Syringes, yet assuming you play out a finishing continue on them, you automatically get each of the four. At the point when you get your fourth, you inject yourself and redeploy as a human.

Tips for a zombie

While playing as a zombie, you need to utilize your Gas Grenade to muddle people while you run in to go after them. EMP Blasts can be utilized to obliterate hardware.
Attempt and surprise people. They can hear you, however you could possibly get the drop on them and get a finishing move.
Remember to open Supply Boxes to search for Syringes. There ought to be more than a lot of chances to find these things spread around.
Bunch up with other zombies to crowd people trying to fight off aggressors all alone. More focuses for them mean a superior opportunity that you can draw near.

How to win Rebirth of the Dead in Call of Duty: Warzone

Infestation and Medical Supplies

Infestation brings the soul of a late-round Zombies race to Warzone, as Operators might have to ward off many as of late respawned Zombies to endure long enough for the final circles.

In Call of Duty: Warzone Rebirth of the Dead, the player HUD includes an Infestation meter. It gets filled as zombies are killed. When it is full, the Infestation occasion begins. Toward the beginning of an Infestation Diamond Camo, each spectator — Zombies who were KIA will be respawned. This gives an “additional the great beyond” to players who might have gotten eliminated right on time from the game.


Like most Warzone restricted time modes, you can procure an extraordinary calling card for winning a match of Rebirth of the Dead. The main victory royale in Rebirth of the Dead will open the “Last Alive” calling card.

Performing a finishing mode as a zombie to get the four syringes will likewise remunerate you with the and the “Head Scratcher” calling card.

EMP Blast

The zombies are given three powers: Charged Jump, EMP Blast, and Gas Grenade. Another significant element of this mode is the Infestation Meter. This meter tops off all through the match as zombies are eliminated.

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