How To Get The Pacifist Trophy in Stray

Stray is a game about reuniting a lost feline with its loved ones. The Pacifist Trophy in Stray game takes you all around a cybercity with tons of cool bots. Here, you go through rear entryways, buildings, and more with your dependable B-12 bot close by. En route, you gather prizes and other collectibles. One of these is the ‘Pacifist Trophy’.

This is a trophy that you might have the option to get in the sewers. It is one of the more troublesome prizes to get in the game. To get the Pacifist trophy then is your Stray aide on how to finish the sewers without killing any Zurks.

Stray offers many difficulties, riddles, and prizes to win. There are likewise different collectibles to find all through the game. Large numbers of these prizes can be challenging to achieve, one being The Pacifist trophy. This might leave you wondering how to procure The Pacifist trophy in Stray.

According to PSN Profiles, there’s just a single method for getting the Pacifist trophy: “Complete the Sewers without killing any Zurks.” Pacifist is a gold trophy, meaning it’s somewhat more challenging and specialty than the ones you’d ordinarily hope to go over by essentially completing various parts and missions. It’s additionally one of those prizes that is precisely exact thing it says on the tin. You need to get past early-game PoP Zurks using UV Light in Stray, the most huge critters in “Stray,” without killing them.

How to get through the Sewers without killing any Zurks in Stray

This might seem like an inconceivable undertaking, as the Sewers are infested with Zurks. Fortunately, this assignment is conceivable, and you can get The Pacifist trophy in Stray. There is no particular strategy to doing this, yet you can get through the Sewers and stay away from the Zurk by continually moving and sticking to the key position. Water is likewise an effective method for escaping Zurks.

Assuming you remain over the Zurk and run where they are not, you can arrive at the finish of the Sewers and get The Pacifist trophy. Assuming any Zurks bounce on you, immediately shake them off and continue to move before you get amassed. Would it be a good idea for you bite the dust, you will restart, and you can attempt again, learning which courses are awesome to keep away from the Zurks.

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How to Complete the Sewers Without Killing Any Zurks (Pacifist Trophy) in Stray

The sewers are perhaps of the most hazardous spot in Stray. Having to explore these lines and remain off the water is adequately terrible however keeping your paws off of the Zurks in the meantime? That simply takes things to a completely separate level. The following are a couple of tips that you really want to remember in request to finish the sewers without killing any Zurks and get the Pacifist trophy in Stray.

The Pacifist Trophy in Stray

  • Make a point to continue onward in a crisscross to keep the Zurks off of your way
  • Keep your hand off of the light weapon button
  • In the event that the Zurks hop on you, go in circles to have them drop off
  • You can procure the trophy regardless of whether you bite the dust and restart at a checkpoint
  • Follow through with your job and afterward take off from the Zurks
  • Do whatever it takes not to burst too a significant number of the Zurk units
  • In the event that they join forces against you, drive the Zurks into the water

This is how you can get the Pacifist trophy in Stray. If you have any desire to know where precisely you really want to go and how to get there with minimal harm, look at this video by Trophy Tom.

That is all that you require to be aware of how to finish the sewers without killing any Zurks and get the Pacifist trophy in Stray. In the event that you found this guide supportive, look at this one on how to get into the Nightclub in Chapter 10 Midtown.

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