Where to Find and Use Fortress Treasury and Store Room Keys in Sea of Thieves

This article is about Where to find and use Fortress Treasury and Store Room Keys in Sea of Thieves. The Vaults are storage rooms that can found under each Fortress Island in The Sea of Thieves. While the Vaults are typically unfilled and open, they will conceal high worth Treasure behind a locked entryway when a Fort becomes dynamic. Dynamic Forts are indicated by an enormous Skull molded cloud in the sky. These locked Vaults can opened with Skull Shaped emblem Keys, which are dropped by the final manager experiences of Active Forts.

Where to Find and Use Fortress Treasury and Store Room Keys in Sea of Thieves

Beating a Sea Fort will have you battle various rushes of Phantoms, culminating in a battle against the Captain of the Fortress. This psuedo-supervisor battle shouldn’t extremely hard, albeit the trouble will scale depending on how enormous your team is. When you rout the Captain, the typical victory show will play and a key will seem when the Captain disperses.

Where to find and use Fortress Treasury and Store Room Keys in Sea of Thieves

Take the key and go to the main floor inside the Sea Fort. There are steps going down that lead to an elevator and entryway; in front of that is a prison cell, and to one side of that is the Treasury; open the entryway with your recently obtained key, and guarantee your Damned plunder. In the event that you have a dinghy, you can open the entryway to give the skiff access and use the elevator to move plunder.

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Jail Cell Key

In the mean time, a third locked entryway, the jail cell, demands a third key, yet up until this point, nobody has seen this as key. The customary way of thinking proposes these jail cells will factor into a future Adventure, Sea of Thieves’ new time-restricted story parts. The first of those modes sent off in February and told a story of Flameheart’s resurgence. As the jail cells on Sea Forts plainly hold a few mysterious things inside of them- – and no evident plunder – it’s possible these cells additionally tie into the story. So, there is no Prison Cell Key yet. The following Adventure, Forts of the Forgotten, ought to uncover this slippery key later this season.

Instructions to get the Store Room Key

After you clear a Sea Fort, the Store Room Key will randomly bring forth in any of those cabinets or containers, so search each flooring. A portion of those areas could seem like surroundings or props, so walk around much as each seemingly insignificant detail. You could recognize a shine by means of a cabinet door or field cover.

Pillaging the phantoms

Sea Forts are a new “on-demand” experience like the Siren Shrines introduce in season four. This implies dissimilar to World Events, these can begun whenever gave a group hasn’t cleared them as of late and are as yet lingering about. Like Siren Shrines, Sea Forts will reset themselves after a couple of moments once any close by groups have given the island some distance.

Where to find and use Fortress Treasury and Store Room Keys in Sea of Thieves

So how would we explore these new strongholds? There’s six new fortifications in the game, two for every one of the three significant areas in Sea of Thieves: The Shores of Plenty, The Wilds, and The Ancient Isles. Beneath you can find a guide exhibition showing the fortifications and surrounding region, as well as their guide coordinates.

Ace Burglar Commendation

To finish this acclamation, you’ll need to find bits of fortune stowed away in a functioning Sea Fort. In particular, you really want to find and get treasure conceal inside the cabinets, pantries, and containers spread around the dynamic Sea Fort.

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