How to Get a Free SSR in Tower of Fantasy

Free SSR in Tower of Fantasy compared to other free-to-play gacha games out there, is relatively liberal. The game gives you a lot of in-game cash, for example, Nuclei, which is utilized to pull from the game’s banners. One reward that has a great deal of players really energized is that you can get a free SSR of your choosing. Yet, the inquiry is, how can you get that free SSR in Tower of Fantasy?

To get there, tap on the Gift symbol in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. In the event that you’re on PC, you’ll have to hold down on the ALT button on your keyboard and then click the Gift symbol with your mouse. This will take you to the Rewards screen. From that point, click on the Newcomer Event tab located at the bottom of the screen.

On the Newcomer Event tab, you will see a rundown of missions that you have to finish in request to open the free SSR. Each mission will reward you with an alternate number of points. Ranging from as little as five to as much as 25 points.

How to get a free SSR in Tower of Fantasy

How to Get a Free SSR in Tower of Fantasy

Starpath Navigation is Tower of Fantasy’s novice occasion. Open A Map in CSGO Bringing new players a plethora of amazing rewards to assist them with getting started on their excursion, from Asta and then some. The occasion runs for 21 days upon character creation. So make sure to actively tune into the game in your most memorable month to get a free SSR of your decision! Here’s everything you really want to be familiar with the Starpath Navigation occasion in Tower of Fantasy.

After completing the tutorial, you’ll open the Rewards menu. Which can be accessed by clicking on the gift symbol on the upper-right corner of the screen. When you’re in the Rewards menu, center around the bottom of the screen and select Newcomer Event. Doing so will take you to the Starpath Navigation occasion page. Your goal is to finished various in-game tasks to gather points.

Reaching point milestones will justify you rewards ranging from Gold Nuclei, SR Relic shard boxes, and more. You should reach 700 points to claim a SSR weapon box.

How to get a free SSR in Tower of Fantasy

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