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Need the Warzone bunker codes and areas to get into the locked spaces of Verdansk? We can help. Regardless of whether you need the best plunder Call of Duty Warzone has to bring to the table or you really wanted to stay while the zone shrivels, the Warzone bunker areas are what you wanted.

A portion of the Warzone bunkers need explicit codes to get in, while others need red access cards, however regardless of which sort of bunker you need to get to, we have all the data you wanted. Here are all of the Warzone bunker codes, areas, and all the other things you’re after.

Obligation at hand: Warzone is loaded with bunkers, some with key codes, some requiring red access cards, and some including easter egg chases. From the code-locked bunkers to the telephone and PC based Bunker 11, here’s all the current Warzone Bunker Codes.

To gain admittance to Verdansk’s shut segments, you’ll need the Warzone bunker codes and areas. We can help you. The Warzone bunker areas are what you wanted assuming you need the best plunder Call of Duty Warzone has to bring to the table or on the other hand in the event that you wanted to stow away as the zone recoils.

To enter sure of the Warzone bunkers, you’ll need uncommon Warzone Server Queue Issues, while others will require red access cards. Despite which kind of bunker you wish to visit, we have all the data you’ll require. Here you’ll discover all of the Warzone bunker codes, areas, and other data you really wanted.


This guide shows where you can track down every one of the 12 locked Warzone bunkers, some of which need the Warzone bunker codes, while others need red access cards… and afterward there’s the notorious bunker 11. Set apart in red are the ones with Warzone bunker codes, and we have the full rundown of codes underneath.

Here are all of the Warzone bunker codes:

  • North Junkyard: 87624851
  • South Junkyard: 97264138
  • Park: 60274513
  • Jail: 72948531
  • Farmland: 49285163
  • Channel: 27495810

It’s important that at the hour of composing, a couple of days before Warzone season 5 is because of land, both North Junkyard and Farmland bunkers are presently distant.

All Warzone bunker codes

Warzone Bunker Codes

All the Warzone bunker access codes can be found underneath:

  • Warzone Boneyard bunkers (0-1): 87624851 and 97264138
  • Warzone Park bunker (2):60274513
  • Prison bunker (3): 72948531
  • Warzone Farmland bunker (4): 49285163
  • Warzone TV Station bunker (5): 27495810

How to get inside Bunker 11 in Warzone

Getting inside Bunker 11 will require somewhat more work contrasted with the past bunkers. You needn’t bother with a keycard to get to this bunker. In any case, you do have to find a telephone (featured by symbols on the guide) that will play a message in Russian.

To finish the easter egg, you’ll need to know the areas of each telephone. Telephones are specked everywhere and are generally found on a work area or some likeness thereof.

You’ll realize when you’ve discovered one of the telephones, as you’ll have the option to communicate with it and pay attention to either a message in Russian (identifying with the Bunker 11 easter egg) or a level dial tone.

Warzone Bunker Codes

Other bunkers and underground structures in Verdansk

Past the 12 bunkers in the game, there were likewise a couple of other underground designs. That had been added to the game during its Season 1 and Season 2 updates.

The Airport “bunker” included Warzone’s Season 1 update is all the more an arrival area rather. Than a conventional Verdansk bunker. In any case, it’s by a wide margin the greatest on the guide. Loaded up with a lot of plunder to set you up for a match.

The bunker can be gotten to by dropping into a goliath opening situated in the focal point. Verdansk’s Airport runway or by discovering the entrance stepping stool towards the finish of the runway. It’s significant that this is a very famous landing spot. So don’t anticipate being separated from everyone else once you’re inside.

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