CIV 6 Tier List – The Best Civ 6 Leaders

In this article, we chose to assemble a definitive Civ 6 Tier List. We will be positioning everything from pioneers and civilizations, to pantheons, to marvels and normal miracles for the total game (vanilla in addition to Rise and Fall, Gathering Storm, and New Frontier).

As a game worked for no-nonsense system players, Civilization 6 energizes the thought of innumerable strategic activities to dominate matches. A high ability roof is needed for players to be effective in the most difficult trouble settings.

While winning in Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List a ton upon player expertise, the civilization you pick likewise assumes an enormous part. There are civilizations in the game which make overwhelming the world a lot simpler, while others effectively handicap you.

The Civ 6 Tier List beneath is made by local area casting a ballot and is the total normal rankings from 114 submitted tier lists. All together for your positioning to be incorporated, you should be signed in and distribute the list to the website (not just downloading the tier list picture).

In case you’re searching for the most exhaustive Civ 6 tier list, look no further! We’ve investigated the whole arrangement accessible in Cid Mier’s Civilization 6 and ordered the worthiest rulers in the game, including pioneers from the game’s latest New Frontier Pass extension.

Civ 6 Tier List


These are the best civilizations in the game right now. They have a decent shot at winning any triumph way accessible even on the most noteworthy trouble settings.

  • Japan (Hojo Tokimune)
  • Russia (Peter)
  • Portugal (João III)
  • Australia (John Curtin)
  • Maori (Kupe)
  • America (Bullmoose Teddy)


CIV 6 Tier List

The least difficult portrayal to these would be “nerfed S-Tiers.” They can totally overwhelm paying little heed to ability level and triumph way, yet it requires more exertion and expertise on the player’s end. When constrained by the adversary, these civilizations will definitely give you trouble.

  • Greece (Gorgo)
  • Hungary (Matthias Corvinus)
  • Egypt (Cleopatra)
  • Gran Columbia (Simon Bolivar)
  • Brazil (Pedro II)
  • Persia (Cyrus)
  • Arabia (Saladin)
  • America (Rough Rider Teddy)


These civilizations can be viewed as specialists in their triumph way (generally culture). While they do not have the flexibility of S and A-tiers, their strong spotlight on no less than one way to triumph compensates for their deficiencies.

  • Korea (Seondeok)
  • Greece (Pericles)
  • Ethiopia (Menelik II)
  • Maya (Lady Six Sky)
  • Phoenician (Dido)
  • Sumeria (Gilgamesh)
  • Babylon (Hammurabi)
  • Khmer (Jayavarman VII)
  • Mali (Mansa Musa)
  • China (Qin Shi Huang)
  • China (Kublai Khan)
  • Spain (Phillip II)


C-Tier civilizations are specialists like those in B-Tier. What makes them less reasonable is that their ways to triumph aren’t the most straightforward to contend inside the game’s current meta.

A few of the civilizations here rigid a strength in predominance and logical successes, however there are higher-tiered civs that accomplish a similar triumph way, with feasibility in different parts of the game too.

  • Inca (Pachacuti)
  • Dutch (Wilhelmina)
  • Nubia (Amanitore)
  • Aztec (Montezuma)
  • Byzantium (Basil II)
  • Clean (Jadwiga)
  • Georgia (Tamar)


Civilizations that perform inadequately with pioneers who have a couple of extraordinary abilities that are practical for high troubles.

  • Vietnam (Bà Triệu)
  • Indonesia (Gitarja)
  • Germany (Frederick Barbarossa)
  • Rome (Trajan)
  • Sweden (Kristina)
  • Canada (Wilfrid Laurier)
  • France (Catherine de Medici)
  • Footrest (Suleiman)


The most noticeably awful civilizations in the game at this moment. These civs and their chiefs offer minimal utility in all parts of the game. They are totally outmatched by all others, which makes them ideal assuming you need to do a test run of your abilities.

  • Britain (Victoria)
  • France (Magnificence Catherine)
  • Mongolia (Genghis Khan)
  • Mongolia (Kublai Khan)
  • Zulu (Shaka)
  • Macedon (Alexander)
  • Gaul (Ambiorix)
  • Mapuche (Lautaro)
  • Britain (Eleanor of Aquitaine)
  • Scythia (Tomyris)
  • Kongo (Mvemba a Nzinga)

LOL Tier

  • France (Eleanor Aquitaine)
  • Scotland (Robert the Bruce)
  • Cree (Poundmaker)
  • India (Ghandi)
  • Norway (Harald Hardrada)
  • India (Chandragupta)

Civ 6 Tier List: Best Leaders and Civs by Victory Condition

CIV 6 Tier List

So initially, before you bounce all over shouting how “Gold” isn’t a triumph condition: we know. Notwithstanding, Gold is one of those components in the game that can considerably help your way towards any triumph type whenever used effectively. It can assist you with shielding, purchase structures and bargain. Because of its importance, it is significant that it is viewed as when positioning the general capacity of Civs.

When you choose which kind of triumph you need to seek after, you really wanted to pick an appropriate civilization and a decent pioneer. A few civilizations dominate in specific triumph types, so be cautious what you pick. For instance, as per our Civ 6 Tier List, on the off chance that you pick a S-Tier pioneer that spends significant time in science and religion like Arabia, that doesn’t really mean it is the best Civ in case you are going for worldwide control. All in all, make certain to consider how you expect to play: what is your definitive objective?

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