Who is Turner in Gotham Knights

Turner in Gotham Knights is the child of extremely rich person philanthropist Bruce Wayne. After his dad’s homicide, Turner fashions an improbable union with the offspring of Batman’s adversaries when they are undeniably blamed for killing the Dim Knight. And as the city’s most needed criminals, this maverick band of misfits should battle to clear their names. However, in a Gotham with no Dim Knight to safeguard it, the city turns into the most perilous it has at any point been.

Turner Hayes is an original person from Gotham Knights. He was made only for the series as one more embraced child of Bruce Wayne, the Batman.

Who is Turner in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Turner Hayes characters and their origins

Turner Hayes

Turner Hayes is a person made exclusively for CW’s Gotham Knights. He is the embraced child of the Dull Knight, who is exceptionally defiant and is fairly awkward in Bruce Wayne’s land of wealth. Like most Robins, this character is additionally a vagrant and is headed to satisfy Batman’s name.

While most fans might favor an all around established Robin like Dick Grayson, Jason Todd or Tim Drake in Gotham Knights, we have motivation to accept that Turner is going to be similarly pretty much as amazing as these characters.

Who is Turner in Gotham Knights

CW’s Gotham Knights is set to deliver in 2023. And we can hardly sit tight for it to shine on the organization. The show has an extremely interesting plot. And is considered to make progress with such fascinating characters.

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