How to Get Diamond Challenger Title Overwatch 2

Diamond Challenger Title are awarded for achieving certain feats. Your title will show under your username that you can show off to different players. There are tons of titles in this game to achieve and each one can showcase your game style. In this article, we will let you know how to earn titles in Overwatch 2.

A tomfoolery feature of Overwatch 2 is unlocking titles you can equip so that different players could see your in-game accomplishments. Here is everything you want to be aware of how to unlock player titles in Overwatch 2. You can unlock prestige titles by completing the Battle Pass, challenge titles by playing in noncompetitive matches, and competitive titles by playing competitive matches.

How to get Diamond Challenger Title Overwatch 2

How to Unlock Player Titles in Overwatch 2

This are details en route to earn titles in all three game categories: Prestige Titles, Challenge Titles, and Competitive Mode titles. Follow our guide underneath to learn the requirements for each Title in the three categories.

Prestige Titles

To unlock prestige titles, you should advance the Battle Bass to even out 80, costing 10,000 XP. You can earn eight prestige titles by ranking up the battle pass from 80 to 200, costing upwards of 250,000 XP.

  • Tier 85: Nomad
  • Tier 95: Neogun
  • Tier 105: Streetrunner
  • Tier 120: Bytefixer
  • Tier 135: Netbreaker
  • Tier 155: Data Specialist
  • Tier 175: Technoknight
  • Tier 200: Cyberdemon

Challenge Titles

You can earn titles by completing challenges in noncompetitive matches.

This is the way you view challenges:

  • Navigate to the Challenges from your Homescreen
  • Click on the Lifetime tab
  • Look to the actual bottom of the challenges list
  • Each Title will have a description of the challenge expected to finish to earn the Title

Here are the available Challenge Titles:

  • Stalwart Legend: Win 250 games in any mode
  • Tenacious Legend: Win 750 games in any mode
  • Unrelenting Legend: Win 1,750 games in any mode
  • Vanguard: Win 250 games as any Tank legend in Quick Play or Competitive Play
  • Assassin: Win 250 games as any Damage legend in Quick Play or Competitive Play
  • Medic: Win 250 games as any Help legend in Quick Play or Competitive Play
  • All-Star: Win 85 games in each of the 3 jobs in Quick Play or Competitive Play
  • Shapeshifter: Win 500 games in Secret Legends
  • Executioner: Win 500 games in any Deathmatch mode
  • Partygoer: Win 500 games in any Arcade mode, excluding Deathmatch

How to get Diamond Challenger Title Overwatch 2

Competitive Mode Titles

You should first unlock competitive mode by winning 50 unrated Quick Play matches to earn competitive mode titles.

  • Top 500 Challenger: End the season ranked as Top 500 in Competitive Play
  • Grandmaster Challenger: End the season ranked as Grandmaster in Competitive Play
  • Master Challenger: End the season ranked as Master in Competitive Play
  • Diamond Challenger: End the seas ranked as Diamond in Competitive Play
  • Adept Competitor: Win 250 games in Competitive mode
  • Seasoned Competitor: Win 750 games in Competitive mode
  • Master Competitor: Win 1,750 games in Competitive mode

These titles are tied directly to how many games you win and your season ranking.

How Do I Equip A Player Title?

You can equip a title by following these instructions:

  • Navigate to your Career Profile
  • Click on Customization
  • Select Player Titles
  • Equip your Title

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