Top 5 GTA V Mods to Try in 2023 and How to Install Them

Ever since its debut in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V, often known as GTA 5, has enthralled gamers all around the world. This open-world masterpiece has developed over the years with the help of the passionate modding community, giving a wide range of imaginative and captivating mods. There is a GTA 5 mod for you, whether your goal is to add havoc to Los Santos, discover new content, or just improve the game’s visual with GTA 5 graphics mod, which will make your gaming experience more modern.

We’ll walk you through the steps of downloading and installing GTA 5 mods in 2023 in this in-depth guide. We’ll also feature some of the greatest mods out there, which range from exciting tale additions to gameplay-altering adventures. Now, let’s explore the realm of GTA 5 modding!

Top GTA V Mods

The selection of mods available for download can be nearly overwhelming. There are thousands of mods to choose from within each of the numerous categories. We’ve compiled a list of the top five GTA V mods as of 2023, but each player will have different preferences regarding their mod experience.


The first mod on the list fits in well with GTA V’s recent release on next-generation gaming systems. The graphics mod VisualV enhances a lot of GTA V’s textures. With significantly improved graphics elements such as weather and draw distance, the planet of Los Santos appears incredibly lifelike. The one thing to keep in mind is that a hack like this requires a powerful machine to function. Gamers should be cautious about this mod’s potential effects on their in-game frame rate if their PC is older.

Simple Zombies

Zombies make everything better, right? A detailed Grand Theft Auto 5 mod called Simple Zombies transforms most of Los Santos into a pathetic, virus-ravaged zombie world. This GTA 5 game isn’t your normal one, even if you’re still in Los Santos. The former citizens will not only come at you with great aggression when they see you but also flock toward commotion and gunshots.

A hunger and sleep meter is one of the survival game components that the mod introduces. Imagine DayZ or State of Decay set in Los Santos, with the Simple Zombies mod installed. You’ll encounter survivors in addition to the threat posed by the undead, who can be micromanaged to stop errant shooting or needless resource waste. This implies that you will encounter survivor groups, some of whom may be hostile. Take care, stockpile sparingly, and you could just make it through a Grand Theft Apocalypse and one of the greatest GTA 5 mods.

Pokémon Go GTA Edition

The Pokémon Go GTA Edition mod makes the seemingly impossible combination of the worlds of Pokémon and Grand Theft Auto possible. This mod is exactly what gamers would think it would be. Los Santos’ streets teem with Pokémon, which players can try to capture with Poké Balls. Even Ash’s outfits from the Pokémon anime are available for players to wear. The Pokémon Go mod incorporates some GTA flair into most of the elements that players are familiar with from the original game.

Grand Theft Auto 5.5

If you can hack Grand Theft Auto 5 to become a sequel, why wait for Grand Theft Auto 6? The Grand Theft Auto 5.5 mod is a vast assemblage of several modifications designed to minimize glitches, improve realism, and boost gameplay enjoyment. The patch increases police reaction and performance, modifies handling for 85% of the vehicle library, modifies how gangs interact with the city and makes visible visual changes like enhanced rendering and increased reflections.

Grand Theft Auto 5.5 is almost the perfect mod for Grand Theft Auto 5. Players have been requesting additional story components for months now, even after the game’s initial release. That’s essentially all that’s lacking. Nevertheless, this is the most excellent mod available if you want GTA 5 to feel less like a game from a decade ago.

How to Get and Set Up GTA 5 Mods

Let’s make sure you know how to download and install the greatest mods before we get into them. Note that PC players are the primary audience for GTA 5 mods. Take these actions:

Get the Necessary Tools

Script Hook V

  • Open the Script Hook file after downloading it.
  • Place NativeTrainer.asi, ScriptHookV.dll, and dsound.dll (Asi Loader) in the main Grand Theft Auto V folder (Steam/Apps/common/Grand Theft Auto V for Steam users).

LUA Plugin for GTAV

  • Unzip the GTAV LUA Plugin package.
  • Move the ‘scripts’ folder and the LUA.asi file to the main GTA V folder.

Installing the Mod

You can install mods after you have these tools set up. Take the following broad actions:

  • Get the needed mods from reliable websites like
  • There are mods that come in .rar files. You can use programs such as 7-Zip File Manager to open them.
  • Extract the mod files, then adhere to any installation guidelines included in the ReadMe files.
  • Place the contents of the mod into the ‘Mods’ folder in the directory of your Grand Theft Auto V game.
  • After you launch GTA V, your installed mods will be playable.

Now that you have this tutorial, you can explore the wide world of GTA 5 mods. The modding community can help you achieve chaos, realism, or completely new experiences. Until GTA 6 comes out, which will be very soon, mods are a great way to diversify the gaming experience.

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