How To Get Thunder & Water Breathing In Project Slayers

Thunder & Water Breathing In Project Slayers It is a very deadly breathing method when combined with Kamado and Agatsuma clan. To gain powerful Thunder Breath ability, you must first reach level 12 or above and then complete the list of training quests created by trainer Nigoro Kuwashima.

The famous anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” has a fun Roblox game. The game has a fairly impressive set of skills and combat movements. One of these skills includes breathing style. The two most well-known are lightning breathing and water breathing.

You must complete certain tasks to unlock these two breathing styles. These tasks are given by each breathing style trainer. To unlock it, follow the steps below. The Thunder Breath ability changes the game in battle. This ability requires the player to be level 12 and have 5,000 wens.

How To Get Thunder & Water Breathing In Project Slayers

How To Get Thunder & Water Breathing In Project Slayers

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Project Slayer’s Breath is a mechanism that becomes available when you reach level 12, and there are four types: water, lightning, insects, and wind. To learn each, you need to find different teachers who know the technique.

Each of the breathing methods offers five unique movements, so it’s worth doing as much as you can to discover them all.To learn how to breathe water, you need to find a trainer in Warol Cave. However, when doing this, make sure you have 5,000 wens in your pocket.

You need to go to Mt. Zapiwara to find a Thunder Breathing Trainer and you have to spend at least 5,000 Wen. Head to the Butterfly Mansion and learn all about insect breathing, but make sure you have at least 5,000 wens.
To learn more about wind breathing, head to a marker on the map called the “Wind Trainer”.

How To Get Thunder & Water Breathing In Project Slayers

Where is the thunder Breathing in demon slayer RPG?

To get Thunder Breath, Zenitsu Agatsuma (the master of breathing) must go to the rice field (the first house) standing in front of the house and click to do the first quest.

Yes, he uses proper lightning breathing techniques. He seems to be asking if the charcoal can use the lightning breathing method. The answer is no because the breathing method and the technique method are (2) different.

Does Zenitsu learn all 6 forms?

There are six forms, but my wife could only learn the first form, which is said to be the basis of other forms, but he refined it so that he could fight some powerful demons. did. He later created a seventh form, defeating a former senior who was in the top six of 12 scratches.

This acquisition allowed my wife to form the god of Honoikazuchi, the seventh form of Thunder Breath that is unique to him. This movement may seem similar to the first form of Thunder Breath, but the speed and power of this technique is a whole new level.

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