Nier: Automata – How to Fight Emil

Fight Emil in Nier Automata makes the player become acquainted with the enormous wilderness that it is placed in. Even without the game’s numerous endings, the game’s hauntingly desolate landscape would be challenging enough to get lost in.

Even with a lot of perseverance and devotion, NieR: Automata is extraordinarily hard to finish. The elusive obstacle buried underneath NieR’s collapsing environment is probably the game’s secret boss Emil. He is not only challenging to find, but his combat also offers what is possibly the most terrifying experience in the whole game.

The “Emil’s Memories” side quest must be finished in order to access Emil’s boss battle. By doing this, 2B and 9S are given entrance to Emil’s house, where the combat will take place. Although doing so can take some time because of Emil’s ambiguous instructions. Players must find Emil in the City Ruins during Route C and peruse his offerings. Upon leaving the menu, Emil will reflect on his history while making a reference to how much he adores Lunar Tears.

Nier: Automata - How to Fight Emil

Nier: Automata – How to Fight Emil

The much anticipated follow-up to 2010’s great Nier, Nier Automata, Rusty Tractor in GTA 5 is also available. If you look closely enough, you can almost immediately see the connections between these two, but eventually, everything starts to make sense. The most obvious example is Emil, a pivotal figure in Nier, whose welcoming reappearance in Automata begins with a cheery shopkeeper and ends with a boom.

A challenging optional boss encounter is the bang in this story. If you succeed, you’ll get the highly prized Naughty Children trophy. Try again till you succeed if you fail. But that shouldn’t be a problem with our guide on your side.

The ‘Emil’s Memories’ quest must be started in order to acquire the Naughty Children trophy. Players that have a strong desire to understand more about Emil and the larger Nier universe should enjoy themselves.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to state that the real first step comes a little earlier than that. The worn-out vehicle must first meet Emil and get to know him a little before publicly asking for your help. After finishing the main quest “The Forest Kingdom,” you are free to do this at any time.

Nier: Automata - How to Fight Emil

How do you trigger an Emil fight?

You must first acquire every weapon in the game and level them up to their maximum potential in order to unleash the second boss battle with Emil. When you’re finished, a red quest marker will show up on the business establishment. Go there and speak with Emil. Then he will inform you that he is going to the desert.

If you make an attempt to escape, Emil will stop you and start a battle. Your evading skills need to be on point since Emil, a level 99 boss, will continuously shoot Emil head bullets at you. I advise taking on this battle when you are at level 65 or so, and bring your finest HP chips.

How do I trigger the Emil quest?

After finishing the primary mission in the Forest Zone, the task becomes available. After shooting Emil with your Pod after spotting him driving around the City Ruins, go speak with him. Before the 2B or 9S confrontation with Grün, you must complete this mission.

Emil spawns randomly, thus there isn’t a way to force him to pass the Resistance Camp, however that path is undoubtedly less frequent than the one in front of the Desert Zone. All you can do is force him to respawn and wait for him to travel by the Resistance Camp.

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