The First Impressions of Horizon Forbidden West (Game Review)

The bar was already set high when Sony and Guerilla Games teamed up for Horizon Zero Dawn which served as the prequel for Horizon Forbidden West. Who doesn’t love a good heroic underdog story? The previous game placed our main character, Alloy, in an intriguing battle to save the world. In addition, it was a game filled with a personal touch that riled up emotions so much that you could almost feel yourself rallying behind the outcast girl to win. These occur amid the daunting and intimidating task of outclassing and defeating monstrous robot dinosaurs in an apocalyptic wasteland. The stuff of nightmares, isn’t it?

Throughout the exciting journey, you’ll bump into tokens and power-ups that will keep you going. You can compare these boosters to online casino promotions like Ice Casino bonuses which offer you more fuel to keep playing your favorite games. The Horizon Zero Dawn experience was so captivating that fans worldwide couldn’t wait for a sequel, and the developers obliged. Read on to discover what the Horizon Forbidden game has in store for you.

Picking up the Story From Horizon Zero Dawn

The story commences six months after the events in Horizon Zero Dawn with the main character Aloy. The world is on the brink of dwindling into mass extinction. The main cause of concern here is the Blight, an unknown red plant spreading fast and killing all plant life in its wake at an alarming rate. The background stirs up the game’s tense atmosphere with a mysterious large storm brewing, indicative of the tough times on the horizon.

Aloy is now desperate and must travel far and wide in her quest to save the world. Chief among her priorities will be to search for the super-saving computer Gaia. But, alas, her quest to become the ultimate savior leads her into the much-dreaded Forbidden West territory.

In case you were wondering, the ‘Forbidden West’ territory is so named by the Carja because of the aggressive Tenakth tribe that occupies the region. The Tenakth, as you’ll find out, are embroiled in a major civil war that will be a part of one of the major challenges that Aloy will have to overcome.

New Journey, Old Friends, New Challenges

There was a somewhat overwhelming sense of responsibility set on Aloy’s shoulders from the previous installment. It is especially so after she overcame her outcast status in the prequel and took over the de-facto role of savior in this series. Thankfully in Horizon Forbidden, some of Aloy’s burden is eased as she can now share part of the onus with her two compatriots from the first game, Varl and Erend.

Ironically, as the storyline progresses, circumstance forces Aloy to ultimately distance herself from Erend and Varl to avoid yoking them with the intense responsibility of saviorhood. We could divulge a lot more when it comes to the twists and turns the adventure takes, but we can’t do that without spoilers. So, you have to play the game yourself to ultimately appreciate the beauty of the full experience.

Top-Notch Graphical Interface

True to their game development, MO, Gameplay, and Sony went out of their way and delivered stunning visuals in this game. Amid all the nail-biting action displays, you’ll be blown away by the breathtaking show of the snow-covered mountains, desert, lush green forests, and lifelike shorelines.

Additionally, as you fight to embody the heroic role of Aloy in the game, you’ll also be impressed by the imaginative artistic work that brought the robotic machines to life. Finally, the intimidating physicality and presence of the various tribes in the game are also something to behold as you try to overpower them with your wit and combat skills.

A Welcome Step-Up, Bit еhe Game Still Needs Work

There are plenty of significant improvements from the first game. Besides the cutting-edge visuals, the most notable upgrade is that the story flows much more smoothly in this new installment. In Horizon Zero Dawn, it was sometimes easy to get lost in all the information you were bombarded with.

But then again, Horizon Forbidden West still has some flaws that need to be fixed. It may be a little tricky for beginners to take in all the specific aspects of the game because you’ll have your hands full battling the robots and all the enemies you’ll encounter. Additionally, there are tons of weapons available to you to deal with the mighty creatures, which is mostly a good thing. However, it could be quite overwhelming for some players, given the already chaotic scenery you are faced with.

All in all, Horizon Forbidden West is a beauty not only because of the super imaginative visuals but also due to the immersive storyline that makes you one with the main character. If you enjoyed the original game, then Horizon Forbidden West will be a blast!

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