Stray Energy Drinks: Where to find the Vending Machines

Stray Energy Drink is an early game currency that you will need when you reach the Slam chapter. These can be exchanged for some items that will help you complete your collection.

The Stray is now in the spotlight as a hot new PS5 console-even kittens are fascinated by its magic. It’s packed with collectibles, so there’s a lot to do. It gives you a reason to explore the forgotten city you have to navigate. Your ultimate goal is to get out of the vast cityscape, but it’s worth taking the time to find every corner for a little extra story or folklore.

If you are a recent player or are playing the PS Plus Premium Free Trial and want to complete the stray 100%, you need to collect all four energy drinks scattered throughout the slums and exchange them for the merchant Azuzu.

Stray energy drinks: where to find the vending machines

Stray Energy Drinks: Where to find the Vending Machines

After entering the slums in Chapter 4 of Stray, Secret Door in Fortnite the cat protagonist may encounter Azooz, an NPC trader who offers rare collectibles in exchange for energy drinks. Each item with a limited supply costs 2 cans. This means that if you buy both items, the player will need a total of 4 energy drinks. Stray’s cat spends Chapters 4 and 6 of the story in the slums. Therefore, slams are no longer accessible zones in Chapter 7, and players will need to get energy drinks in these sections.

To drink energy drinks on the Stray, the cat hero must find and operate a vending machine hidden in the slums. Some are easy to find, others require a platform to get to hard-to-reach places. Fortunately, these vending machines do not require currency to grant lemonade. All the cat has to do is approach the device and use the interaction buttons to tap the button with the adorable paw for the machine to release the can.

Stray’s first energy drink vending machine is located in the stairwell to the left of Warden in a red cloak that guards the entrance to Stray’s slums. When the light indicator is on, you can tell if the vending machine is working. If the cat finds a machine without active lights, the device will not produce energy drinks.

Stray energy drinks: where to find the vending machines

Where can I find a vending machine control?

To find the modified vending machine, go to the abandoned office-the first area in the research sector. One of which should be the enemy of the loot secret spawner. Only classic machines with a white snack bag inside will work.

Energy drinks are very popular in convenience stores, vending machines and grocery stores. has seen an explosive increase in demand for energy drink vending machines in recent years as more brands enter the market.

How do you get the vending spree trophy?

They are pretty fast, so make them fast and destroy them. You need to destroy 4 modified vending machines to achieve. There are a total of 5 and they are all random.

This is an overview of all the energy drink locations in Stray: First Can: Opposite Morsk. Second can: R.I.P near humans. Third can: near the roof with an old sofa.

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