Stardew Valley Elliott romance Guide – Favorite Gifts, Likes, and More

In this guide, we will show you Stardew Valley Elliott romance guide – Favorite gifts, likes, and more. Elliott is one of the twelve datable characters in Stardew Valley. He is extremely easy to romance, yet his preferred and cherished things will not be gotten until following a couple of long stretches of ongoing interaction. Players wanting to romance him ought to zero in on stepping up their fishing abilities, as a significant number of his favorite things really do rotate around fish. Elliott, as different NPCs, has a set timetable and can go to the island resort.

Stardew Valley Elliott romance guide – Favorite gifts, likes, and more

Stardew Valley Elliott romance Guide – Favorite Gifts, Likes, and More

Elliott lives in the curious little shack close to Willy’s shop near the ocean. Most days, he will in general remain inside and do his composition, yet he frequently can be tracked down on the ocean front, in the cantina in the nights, or getting supplies in the General Store. Since Elliott’s home is just a single room that considers his room, you can’t enter his home by any stretch of the imagination until you have two hearts opened with him. Additionally, Elliott doesn’t take off from his home at all when it is coming down, so you’ll continuously know where to track down him on those days.

However you can gradually raise his heart level by conversing with him, you’ll have to give him gifts that he likes to accelerate the interaction. Like every other person in Pelican Town, he has things he likes and things he dislikes.

All inclusive likes aside from amaranth and pizza
All organic product aside from pomegranate and salmonberry


Elliott will not be irritated one way or the other assuming you give him any of the accompanying things.

Inclusive neutrals aside from duck quill and squid ink
All eggs with the exception of void egg
Fish with the exception of carp, lobster, octopus, ocean cucumber, snail, and squid


Elliot likes the accompanying and giving him different things will bring about him being unamused, or now and again, agitated. This can make your kinship go down, so try not to give him some unacceptable thing inadvertently.

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Heart Events

In light of your kinship level, there are numerous extraordinary experiences you can have with Elliott.

2 Hearts – Enter Elliot’s lodge while he is home for a cutscene.
4 Hearts – Visit the Saloon between 3 pm and 10 pm when Gus is inside for a cutscene.
6 Hearts – Visit his home near the ocean while he is home for a cutscene.

Best Gifts and Schedule

There will be a smidgen of a rivalry for Fabi — blunder… Elliot. Leah and him are old buddies, the two mavericks, and they live close to one another. In any case, in the event that you utilize our guide, inspiring him to pick you will be simple.

Stardew Valley Elliott romance guide – Favorite gifts, likes, and more


Elliot is typically tracked down on the southern portion of the guide, paying little mind to what day or time it is. This makes him one of the most straightforward individuals to find, despite the fact that he presumably could do without that, given his loner like propensities. The image above shows the area of his hovel, and the timetable underneath will tell you precisely where you can carve out him at any opportunity.


Every single all inclusive aversion (aside from Fish)
All Milk
Certain Mushrooms (Chanterelle, Common, Magma Cap, Morel and Purple)
Certain Forage things (Daffodil, Horseradish, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Holly, Leek, Snow Yam and Winter Root)

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