How To Use Seed Dispensary in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s most recent occasion, ‘Longs for Bloom,’ increased players’ interest in farming plants in their Serenitea Pot. Moreover, the occasion likewise indirectly reminds gamers of quite possibly of the most established device, the Seed Dispensary in Genshin Impact.

Seed Dispensary is a thing gotten from Madame Ping from a World Quest ‘The Art of Horticulture.’ This device can be used to obtain seeds from different plants in Genshin Impact. The seeds can then be established on a farming plot in the Serenitea Pot.

Seed Dispensary is a Tree of Dreams in Genshin Impact. Figure out how to open the Seed Dispensary, how to use it, its unique case, impacts and everything you want to be familiar with Seed Dispensary in this aide!

The universe of Seed Dispensary in Genshin Impact is loaded up with various missions and occasions that you will run over. While completing some of them advances you further in the story, others assist with the assets and thing part. The two of which are significant in your excursion through the dream place that is known for Teyvat.

While plants and food sources are a significant piece of the game, it is somewhat frustrating to get seeds as you need to buy a large portion of them. Well in the event that you have a Seed Dispensary, you will not need to. In this aide, we will show you how to use a Seed Dispensary in Genshin Impact.

How To Use Seed Dispensary in Genshin Impact

When you prepare the Seed Dispensary, you can use it to gather seeds from plants. Simply go to the plants and afterward interact with them to get the choice to get the seeds. The following are a couple of the plants for which you can use the Seed Dispensary in Genshin Impact:

Seed Dispensary helps you in farming seeds from the immense terrains of Teyvat. While it is difficult and you need to satisfy certain measures, it is definitely worth the effort. This is the way to prepare Seed Dispensary in Genshin Impact:

  • You, first and foremost, should arrive at Level 3 Reputation in Inazuma. Doing so will open the World Quest The Art of Horticulture.
  • After this, you will open the Seed Dispensary and can now prepare it.
  • Make a beeline for the Inventory and afterward prepare the Seed Dispensary.
  • When that’s what you do, you can cultivate seeds from a couple of plants in the game.

How to prepare and use Seed Dispensary contraption in Genshin Impact

The Seed Dispensary contraption in Genshin Impact must be obtained in the wake of reaching Level 3 Reputation in Inazuma. Really at that time will the World Quest ‘The Art of Horticulture’ be opened.

Whenever players have finished the mission and gotten the contraption, they can prepare it by going to Inventory under the Gadget tab.

Gamers can now gather seeds while gathering plants in the open world. However, the contraption can get the seeds from the following plants:

Seed Dispensary in Genshin Impact

  • Silk Flower
  • Sweet Flower
  • Cecilia
  • Coat Lily
  • Windwheel Aster
  • Qingxin
  • Violetgrass
  • Valberry
  • Little Lamp Grass
  • Jueyun Chili
  • Carrot
  • Radish
  • Mint
  • Mushroom
  • Naku Weed
  • Horsetail
  • Snapdragon
  • Lotus Head
  • Calla Lily
  • Seagrass
  • Ocean Ganoderma

To use the contraption, players can move toward any of the plants listed above and gather them regularly. The Seed Dispensary in Genshin Impact will automatically get the seed of the said plant.

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