Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair Review in 2021

I know the Secretlab Omega isn’t a bedding, yet hold on for me. With regards to sleeping cushions, a great many people are eager to spend somewhat more for a quality item. That is on the grounds that they realize they’ll be spending a sizeable part of the 24-hour day laying in it. On the off chance that the ongoing deluge of gaming chair producers is any sign, gamers have that equivalent attitude with regards to furnishing their PC arrangement with a chair.

You may not apportion as quite a bit of your apparatus spending plan as you would on a decent illustrations card, however the best chairs for gaming can without much of a stretch outlast your segments and most recent 10 years or more. They’ve developed significantly throughout the years since DXRacer first showed up in the scene. Secretlab isn’t the main producer in the space, nor will they be the last. Yet, the Secretlab Omega is perhaps the best experience we’ve had with a gaming chair.


Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair Review

My review rendition of the Omega 2020 chair has the “Covertness” plan, dark with machine-weaved red sewing and gold-and-white logos on the front and back. I got a kick out of the 2020 logo on the backrest, since that might be ideal for a year. It’s a basic plan, and the marking stands apart the most. However, other plan decisions are accessible (see the Alternate Designs segment underneath).

Secretlab truly satisfied its namesake with its 2020 arrangement line (named for the year it initially anticipated that it should deliver). The two chairs in that line, the Titan and our Omega, highlight another sort of PU calfskin Secretlab intended to be what it says is multiple times more grounded than standard PU.


While two individuals are prescribed to put the Secretlab Omega chair together, it’s truly feasible with one. I had the option to set up mine in around 30 minutes. Having an additional individual to lift the fundamental body of the chair to at last snap it into the platform would have been convenient, yet I never felt like I was gambling.

At the point when you at first open the case (and it’s immense, incidentally), you’re cautioned about trying not to touch the lean back switch at all during get together. I expect this would have secured it set up rashly and been troublesome or perhaps difficult to reset. Or then again maybe given how strongly the chair jolts upstanding while resetting a lean back mode (after get together), it may have been more to do with not losing a finger. In any case, the wide defensive pennant cautioning me not to touch the switch was so enormous I was unable to try and see the thing I wasn’t mean to be touching, so I’ve positively had less frightening encounters constructing a chair.

Something else, the other get together directions were sufficiently clear and it was ideal to see that the armrests were at that point joined to the chair as they’re regularly the most irritating part to add, particularly on the off chance that they connect to both the seat and backrest of the chair. Fortunately, they don’t here.

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As a last touch, all the 2020 Omega arrangement of gaming chairs presently accompany two adaptable padding frill. That incorporates a headrest with a tie and a shaped lumbar pad. Both can be taken out in the event that you like, however I found the chair substantially more alright with them.

height and weight recommendations

In case you’re redesigning from a conventional low-sponsored chair at your home office (or perhaps the kitchen/lounge table in the event that 2020 has pressured you into taking a potentially rash action), at that point simply know that all Secretlab chairs (most ‘gaming chairs’ really) are a lot taller than you may be expecting and can be a touch off-kilter to move beyond in case you’re in a little room.

Which Secretlab size would it be a good idea for you to buy, at that point? The Secretlab Omega is the littlest of the brand’s gaming chairs and on the off chance that you head over to the site you can enter your stature and weight to be guided towards the one that will suit you best.

For the Secretlab Omega, it’s prescribed for individuals up to 180cm tall (5’11”), gauging close to 110kg (240lbs). Concerning the following size up, the Secretlab Titan, that is suggested for statures of 175-200cm (5’9″- 6’7″) with loads up to 130kg (290lbs). Lastly, we have the Titan XL for 180-208cm (5’11”- 6’10”) and loads of 100-180kg (220-390lbs). While I haven’t tried the Titan arrangement, they look fundamentally the same as and convey similar highlights, despite the fact that the XL doesn’t have the same number of designed styles to browse. It’s likewise important that there’s to a lesser extent a sunken encompass on the Titans on the seat itself with the side edges being a whole lot lower, so you’re not going to feel like your thighs are crushed in as much as they would with the Omega and you may even have the option to fold your knees up on those.

Dreamy Foam Pillows

Since I’ve tried out this lumbar pad and the one from the DXRacer Formula arrangement, I feel that the Omega has the better lumbar pad as far as solace.

It’s milder than DXRacer’s pad, and not as cumbersome also.

However, the main thing that I truly haven’t care for about the Omega so far is the way that the lumbar pad doesn’t join to the chair in any capacity.

This isn’t an issue in case you’re sitting similarly situated for broadened periods, yet in the event that you have to change somewhat, the pad can slide down a tad, and you need to reach back and change it occasionally.

Presently, I will typically change the lumbar pad every once in a while in any case, however in the event that I sit up in the chair for a second, and the lumbar pad is in a higher position, it will slide down, and when I sit back once more, it’s in an alternate area.


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