RTX 3070 HP Omen gets tremendous $300 value cut with today’s gaming PC bargains

While we’re typically keeping watch for financial plan gaming PC deals here at TechRadar, we’ve just spotted a fantastic top of the line choice for those hoping to push serious execution.

This RTX 3070 prepared HP Omen for $1,499.99 (was $1,799.99) not just features probably the cheapest cost we’ve seen for a machine with this strong graphics card, but at the same time it’s pressing in an Intel Core i7-11800H processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD. Those are robust specs for sure, and all that anyone could need to get past most triple-A games at 1440p resolution, which is supported on this machine’s superior 16.1-inch display.

Having that greater resolution (and the ability to run it) means all your beloved games will truly fly on this HP with superb picture sharpness. It’s in reality lovely uncommon to find a gaming PC that breaks from the usual 1080p for under $2,000, so it’s certainly a selling point here.

At long last, it’s also difficult to overlook the absolutely gorgeous two-tone high contrast chassis that HP has chosen for this latest Omen model. It truly departs from the usual ‘dark with accents’ energy we see on most gaming laptops and it’s certainly one of the better-watching machines out there the present moment. Taste is subjective, of course, however we wouldn’t see this one awkward when stacked facing the most stylish Razer or even Apple gadget.

RTX 3070 gaming PC bargain, best case scenario, Buy
HP Omen 16.1-inch gaming PC: $1,799
HP Omen 16.1-inch gaming PC: $1,799 $1,499, best case scenario, Buy
Save $300 – A RTX 3070, Intel Core i7-11800H, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB SSD makes this vigorously discounted HP Omen an absolute steal costing this much. In addition to the fact that this machines look absolutely stunning thanks to a sleek two-tone highly contrasting esthetic, yet you’ll have a lot of ability to play all your cherished triple-A titles at 1440p resolution – which is supported on this machine’s exceptional 16.1-inch display. You can also read about Alienware m15, Dell G15 gaming laptops get incredible discounts today from here.

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