How many Worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 3

In this article we will show you how many worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 3. In KH3, players get to investigate 7 fresh out of the box new worlds! These include a portion of Disney’s most recent works like Frozen’s Arendelle, Tangled’s Kingdom of Corona, and Big Hero 6 San Fransokyo.

How many Worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 3

Here are for the most part the Disney worlds that Kingdom Hearts 3 players get an opportunity to investigate in the as of late delivered, epic-scale activity RPG from Square Enix.
Enthusiasts of the Kingdom Hearts establishment have been waiting 13 years for Kingdom Hearts 3, and presently it’s finally accessible, delivering what is by all accounts the greatest game in the series to date how many worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 3. A few fans might be wondering precisely how many worlds are in the game so they have a superior thought of how long their experience will be, yet how many “worlds” there are kind of relies upon who you inquire.

How many Worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 3

There are a wide range of areas Kingdom Hearts 3 players will investigate during their experience with the game. However, a few worlds are visited as side experiences and not straightforwardly made a trip to through Gummi Ship. There is additionally an instructional exercise level that fills in as a preface to the game that could apparently be viewed as its own distinct “world” also. The game likewise includes some “worlds” that are not founded on Disney establishments, particularly late.

Considering that, in Kingdom Hearts 3, there seems, by all accounts, to be nine main worlds that players will investigate throughout the game, with eight of those being Disney-themed worlds. These worlds were affirmed before the game’s send off, however all things being equal how many worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 3, players that have been making it a point to stay away from any information about the game might think about the following rundown spoilers, so tread carefully.

Some Past Worlds Make A Comeback

Past worlds from past Kingdom Hearts games will likewise show up in Kingdom Hearts 3! This will provide returning players with a feeling of sentimentality!

Rundown of affirmed worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3

  1. 100 Acre Wood (Winnie the Pooh)
  2. Arendelle (Frozen)
  3. Kingdom of Corona (Tangled)
  4. Monstropolis (Monsters, Inc.)
  5. Olympus (Hercules)
  6. San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6)
  7. The Caribbean (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  8. Toy Box (Toy Story)
  9. Nightfall Town (Kingdom Hearts)

There are a sum of nine distinct affirmed worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. The complete number of worlds is by all accounts variable, essentially according to reports online. However, eight explicitly have been affirmed by the actual designers, with the ninth recorded world (for Kingdom Hearts itself) additionally appearing in-game during Shack news’ play through. You can also read about how to preload Red Dead Redemption 2 from here.

San Fransokyo

San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6)- Sora and the posse head to the universe of Hiro and Baymax, the safeguards of this cutting edge, substitute history take on San Francisco. We realize the posse will be fighting the Heartless close by the nominal superhuman group.

Arendelle (Frozen)

Arendelle (Frozen)- Do you need to construct a snowman? How about battle Organization XIII? We realize this world will highlight each of the main characters from the Frozen sing-a-long encounter including Elsa, Olaf and the ridiculous reindeer how many worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 3. Sora will actually want to ride (and battle) the irate snowman Elsa summons to do her bidding, which might actually be constrained by one of the dark robed miscreants.

How many Worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 3


The most adroit gamers, particularly those playing on simpler game modes, could possibly pulsate Kingdom Hearts III in near 25 hours assuming they center solely around furthering the story with crazy dismissal for enjoying the experience.

Most players will take between 30 to 35 hours to finish the game at a more normal speed, exploring the different worlds, revisiting around a few times over how many worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 3, and exploring a portion of the secret supervisors and mini-games.

For anybody looking to 100 percent the game, that could require up to or over 50 hours to chase down each thing, complete each side errand, and do each and every thing the game brings to the table.

All that being said, Kingdom Hearts III has what feels like significantly more as far as side errands than past passages, and a large portion of it feels truly changed and interesting to the point of keeping fans invested.

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