Best Way to Make Fiddlehead Soup in Tower of Fantasy

Fiddlehead Soup in Tower of Fantasy highlights an extraordinary choice of food things, however you can not cook them immediately; instead, you want to get their ingredients and recipes. Some can be not difficult to find, while others are somewhat interesting. One such recipe that is perfect and simple to cook is Fiddlehead Soup. It’s one of the game’s best mid-game recipes for wellbeing and satiety recuperation.

Tower of Fantasy’s tenacious foes can here and there leave you wasting away. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your investigation energy over a coincidental passing, so keep your HP — and Satiety — up with the assistance of heavenly food. You’ll find cooking robots all over Aida, prepared to assist you with whipping up amazing dishes in only a couple of moments. Here is a gathering of all the cooking recipes you can use to prepare amazing food in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy empowers players to set up a wide assortment of the two dishes and drinks, all fit for healing the Drifter while likewise offering incredible buffs. So, among the many dishes accessible, the Fiddlehead Soup truly separates itself, on account of its impact and the way that the dish utilizes no top of the line ingredients. Yet, how could you at any point cook it? Presently, in request to assist you with mastering the art in TOF and set up the ideal luxurious dinner for Cocoritter during the Aida Bistro Occasion, this is the way to cook the Fiddlehead Soup entrée in Tower of Fantasy.

How to make Fiddlehead Soup in Tower of Fantasy

Fiddlehead Soup recipe

Fiddlehead Soup is perhaps of the best intriguing recipe you can get during the mid-game. It assists you with recovering 16% and 34,000 wellbeing and ten satiety points, making it an extraordinary food to recuperate wellbeing rapidly. To make the soup, you want its recipe and two ingredients, one of which may be elusive. Here are the ingredients you want to make Fiddlehead Soup in Tower of Fantasy.

  • 4x Fiddlehead
  • 2x Lettuces

How to get the Fiddlehead Soup recipe

You can not make the Fiddlehead Soup in the event that you don’t have its recipe. To get the recipe, you really want to find a cooking bot. When you find it, interact with it and select creation from the tab underneath. Presently place all the Fiddlehead Soup ingredients until you get a 80 to 100 percent achievement rate. From that point forward, press cook, and the bot will give you the Fiddlehead Soup recipe.

Where to accumulate the Fiddlehead Soup ingredients

There are just two ingredients for Fiddlehead Soup, yet finding them can be interesting in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the perfect locations. To start with, we want Fiddlehead, which you can get in the Banges area of the game. To find them, look close to the Banges Tech, in the industrial zone. Ultimately, you can find tons of lettuces in Astra. Thoroughly search in the lush green regions, and you will go over a lot of them.

How to make Fiddlehead Soup in Tower of Fantasy

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