League of Legends Itemization Guide

One of the most exciting aspects of playing League of Legends is the massive array of items. Each champion has specific items, but many are common to all. New players should learn about the qualities of items to help them build successfully. It should then become instinctive which items are needed to match the situations in the game.

What is the Purpose of LOL Items?

LOL items contain extensive information such as skills, stats, and bonuses. They help your champion unlock skills for maximum effect during the game. Itemization is particularly important when a champion faces a situation that’s beyond their usual scope. Items help improve a champion’s kill rate while providing the game with a high level of personalization. Here’s a sample of some of the amazing items found in LOL.

Attack Items

These are some of the most valuable in combat. Attack Damage (AD) increases a champion’s strength and AD abilities. It’s heavily favored by Fighters, Marksmen, and AD Assassins. Attack Speed increases fire rate when confronted by enemies.


Everyone needs armor, including Tanks. It’s particular;y useful when facing AD champions. Armor Penetration is used to reduce an enemy champion’s armor value. It helps make an AD attack more aggressive and effective. Build this item when the enemy contains Bruisers and Tanks.

Lethal Effects

Lethality can be devastating against champions with low value armor. It’s usually prioritized by AD assassins who target Mages, Marksmen, and Enemy Assassins. The strength of the item can be doubled by using Critical Strike Chance. It only becomes effective as items are built into the game.

Survival and Health

LOL champions have to remain healthy to survive. Items such as Health Points indicate how much life a champion has left. Mana Regeneration helps refresh the resource bar at speed. Life steal represents the percentage of health required to repair damage and survive for even longer. Movement Speed shows how many pixels a champion moves. It’s valuable for active champions such as Marksmen.

Grievous Wounds

This item is deadly. It reduces the healing being administered in an enemy team. It’s found in various places including the Executioner’s Calling and the Bramble Vest. Build this item when confronted by enemies with high healing capabilities such as Mundo, Vladimir, and Aatrox. The Lifeline item increases a champion’s capacity to survive.


The Gold item produces extra money every second. It’s particularly useful for players who have a limited source of income or if they have avoided killing minions in lane.


Aim to build one item at a time, preferably when there’s enough money to fully upgrade. It takes a great deal of practice to learn how to build items successfully. Check out www.1337pro.com/en/lol/tournament-schedule to find out how pro players use items to great effect in League of Legends matches.

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