How Long is Double XP For Modern Warfare 2

When is the next double xp for modern warfare 2? The Extraordinary mission at hand series regularly has Double XP weekends, so players can rank up and even out their weapons quicker, thus far MW2 has been the same. In this way, assuming that you want to know when you can take part in the next MW2 Double XP weekend, we take care of you.

how long is double xp for modern warfare 2

When Is The Next Double XP Weekend In MW2?

Infinity Ward has uncovered that the most recent Double XP weekend is presently live and will remain accessible until April 3 at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET/6 PM GMT. The designer’s declaration shocked the unsuspecting player base since there had recently been no indication that would show up in the game.

Since Season 2 is because of end on April 11, which is just after the Easter Christmas season, this moment’s the best opportunity to get up to speed with your Fight Pass and weapon levels since we don’t have any idea when the following Double XP weekend is going to be.

However, we truly do anticipate that the next one will occur from April 7 until April 10. However, kindly remember this is only an expectation from the accessible information – and we’ll refresh as and when Activision affirm an authority date.

When was the last Double XP Weekend in MW2?

Declared on the Vital mission at hand Trello board, Raven Programming held the principal Double XP Weekend of Season 2 on Walk 17. It lasted for a total of three days until and finished Walk 20, 2023.

Likewise with past occasions, PlayStation proprietors got an additional 24-hours, after their selective Double XP reward day started off on Walk 16, 2023.

Preceding this, the latest Double XP Weekend didn’t really happen on a weekend. Rather, the advancement groups activated Double XP for the final two days of Season 1 in request to allow players to finish their Fight Pass.

Following this flow Double XP Weekend, we can almost certainly infer there’ll be another one before the finish of Season 2. The end date for the season is April 11, so that gives us a pleasant extended window.

On the off chance that you can hardly hold on until the next Double XP weekend, there’s other ways to get Double XP tokens. You can find out about a portion of those elective techniques here.

Additional ways to get double XP in MW2

While Double XP Weekends are just for a restricted time, and there isn’t always early notification on when Double XP Weekends will happen, it is feasible to stock up on Double XP Tokens that you can redeem whenever it might suit you. The following are the ways you can procure Double XP Tokens in MW2:


Activision loves collaborating with different food and drink brands, resulting in a wide range of treats for Extraordinary mission at hand players to gather, similar to Double XP Tokens. For the situation of MW2, for the next couple of months, all uniquely stamped Mountain Dew will include a code you can redeem for Double XP. Furthermore, depending on where you live, you can acquire MW2 Double XP by dining at Little Caesars and Burger King.

Vault Edition

One of the many advantages of the MW2 Vault Edition is ten hours of Double Weapon XP Tokens and ten hours of Double XP Tokens.


For the initial time, CoD players can procure Vital mission at hand Modern Warfare 2 Campaign compensations by playing through the single-player Campaign. Among the many prizes are Double Weapon XP Tokens and Double XP Tokens.

how long is double xp for modern warfare 2

How To Activate Double XP Tokens In MW2

In the event that it’s an outer promotion, like Burger King or Mountain Dew, these typically have their own tailor made URL to redeem your code. Be that as it may, as a rule these will divert to some form of redeem page on the Extraordinary mission at hand site.

Using Double XP tokens in MW2’s multiplayer is exceptionally straightforward. To start with, you simply should be in the multiplayer anteroom.

When there, you ought to see – next to the button to customize your loadout – a button for XP Tokens. Head into there, and essentially activate your token.

Commonly tokens count down from when you activate them – whether or not you’re in a game or not. So to expand your time, ensure you really intend to play for the span of the token.

How To Redeem Double XP Tokens In MW2

One way is essential for the game’s Vault Edition. You could acquire some by simply playing the game’s campaign.

For one thing, ensure you’ve redeemed your codes to get your Double XP tokens. There’s various ways to do this, and they rely on how you procured your token.

On the off chance that you got them from playing the campaign, you want to do very little as they ought to currently be attached to your record in multiplayer. Clearly, ensure you are using a similar one you finished the campaign with.

With DMZ presently sent off, you can now acquire double XP tokens through doing explicit DMZ missions as before exiting the mode.

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