How to Increase Backpack Inventory Space in My Time at Sandrock

Here, we will show you How to Increase Backpack Inventory Space in My Time at Sandrock. My Time at Sandrock rotates vigorously around crafting things, and that implies inventory the executives is key for effective material obtainment. Besides, a lot of one’s playtime will involve exploring the different region of the world and collecting crude assets to bring back home for refining or combing at a workstation. Accordingly, the hero should have adequate room in their starter backpack inventory to haul around the things they need for ubiquitous utility.

How to Increase Backpack Inventory Space in My Time at Sandrock

How to Increase Backpack Inventory Space in My Time at Sandrock

Your backpack at first is restricted to a simple 29-30 spaces that can be loaded up with materials like wood and stone. However, you can extend that further with your Gol (the in-game money of the game). To initiate the cycle, you’ll find a + sign close to the last thing in your backpack. Click this image to activate the capacity to add more backpack openings. Through the slider Water in My Time at Sandrock, you can see the game what number backpack spaces you’d like.

You can burn through 10 Gol each to open backpack spaces. As we had around 30 Gols subsequent to collecting cash from selling objects from the open-world climate, we could open three backpack spaces.

We suggest getting more backpack spaces as quick as possible at the beginning, so in later parcels of the game, you’re ready to gather however many materials as you’d like. You would rather not be trapped in the center of a huge region and superfluously drop things for more space in your backpack.

Storage Knowledge

As you manage the Knowledge Tree, you can open Storage Knowledge (should open Yard Knowledge first). The two levels of this expertise decline the expense of purchasing new backpack openings by 5% each for a total reduction of 10%.

It’s likewise worth pointing out that each page of your inventory can house 40 openings before it moves over to another page. You can flip through pages by clicking the blue bolt on the extreme right half of the screen whenever you’ve accumulated your initial 40 spaces.

10 Gol

You can then spend in intervals of 10 Gol to grow your inventory, however the expense will increase. By spending 10 Gol, you add an extra inventory space. The more you spend, the more you can increase your inventory. As there are a great deal of things and materials to gather, we suggest increasing your backpack space when you can.

Beyond this, you can construct storage containers to store things you don’t have to convey with you. We suggest placing these close to your workbench or recycler with the goal that you have simple admittance to your stored things.

How to Increase Backpack Inventory Space in My Time at Sandrock

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