How to Get the Snowpang Island Token in Lost Ark

This guide helps you about How to get the Snowpang Island Token in Lost Ark. The Lost Ark Snowpang Island has one of the more special esthetics of the game’s islands with its North Pole theme and snowball battle journeys. Lost Ark has a couple of island types where Island Tokens can be procured, with some continuously being accessible to players, while others just produce up now and again. Along these lines, for a breakdown of how to get the Lost Ark Snowpang Island Token, read on and we’ll direct you to it.

How to get the Snowpang Island Token in Lost Ark

How to Get the Snowpang Island Token in Lost Ark

Snowpang Island just shows up on certain days and at certain times. Look at the schedule to find what islands are included on a given day, and what time you want to show up there. Otherwise, the island won’t show up, and you can’t get the Snowpang Island Token.

You’ll need to stand by a piece before the authority PvP occasion begins. You’ll gathered up into one of two groups. You can gain points by eliminating foes with your snowball. At the finish of the occasion, you’ll get a chest which you can open for an opportunity to win the Island Token, as well as other prizes.



Snowpang Island is an experience island, so it produces up on a timetable. This implies it isn’t accessible to play as the day progressed. To check when it is free, take a gander at your Procyon’s Compass which is find just beneath the mini-map in the top-right of the screen, and this will give you a clock. It expects you to arrive at battle level 50 and prepared thing level 250 to go there first, which is basically when the final plan begins.

Snowpang Island is situate in the north of the world guide, among Shushire and North Vern, which is shown above, however it has an alternate name of Winter Fairytale Island there. It’s straight over one of the Lost Ark Shangra areas, and can track down north-east of the Lost Ark Monte Island.

All Snowpang Island Quests in Lost Ark

Comparatively to most Adventure Islands, Snowpang Island has an Island Event; however, instead of a center mission, players will clash in a tomfoolery, happy journey. Whenever you have shown up on the island, talk with the journey provider NPC, Nuni, to procure the PvP mission, Little Nuni’s Wish, and trigger the island’s questline.

To finish Little Nuni’s Wish, you want to cheer Nuni up that they’ll turn into a Snowfolk about themselves through support or praying. In the first place, address Mary, a snowman who will inform you that they’ll require a Merry Snowflake for Nuni to turn into a Snowfolk.

How to get the Snowpang Island Token in Lost Ark

Snowball battle Quest

This is the main journey on Snow-Pang Island. It is a journey wherein players take part in a snowball battle where you need to accelerate at one another. Consequently, you will get points in view of your points you will compensate with silver. During this journey, a snow wave comes you need to take the cover inverse course to save yourself from the wave.
Game component compensations for the first and second position are 6000 and 3000 silver and a Commemorative pocket.

Snowpang Island Quests

In spite of the fact that Snowpang Island itself is cold and cruel, its requested PvP journey is undeniably more capricious than one could anticipate. Players should participate in an exemplary snowball battle in request to finish the primary journey.

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