How to Get Hydro Cannon Pokémon GO

Here, we will show you How to Get Hydro Cannon Pokémon GO. Hydro Cannon is a Water-type Main move in Pokémon GO that bargains 90 harm and costs 50 energy. It is solid against Ground, Rock and Fire Pokémon and feeble against Water, Grass and Dragon Pokémon.

Hydro Cannon’s Bulbapedia section expresses the assault was presented in Generation III and must be advanced by water starter Pokemon. In the games, the main Pokemon who can learn it are Blastoise, Feraligatr, Swampert, Empoleon, Samurott, Geninja and Primarina.

How to Get Hydro Cannon Pokémon GO

How to Get Hydro Cannon Pokémon GO

In Pokemon Go, Hydro Cannon is an accused water assault of 90 power and has a span of 1.9 seconds. Like the center game series, just developed starter Pokemon – Blastoise, Feraligatr and Swampert – can learn it. The main usual meaning is Smeargle, who is a typical sort Pokemon and not a starter.

Hydro Cannon will be a good move for a Swampert to learn Prime Gaming Rewards, and since it is Community Day, mentors could wind up with a sparkling variant of the Pokemon who knows the assault. Notwithstanding the Pokemon, coaches can appreciate multiple times the catch insight for each Pokemon they find, and three hour draw modules.

Water type assailants

The accompanying Table looks at the details of the best water type aggressors in the flow metagame, arranged by Pokédex number (Blastoise is incorporated too regardless of not being meta-important at this point).


Gyarados has forever been an extraordinary assailant because of its high assault detail, however it used to live in Vaporeon’s shadow for quite a while because of the absence of a water type quick move. At the point when Generation 3 was delivered, it at long last scholarly Waterfall and turned into the best water type Pokémon (clobbering Vaporeon), with perfect timing for the Groudon strikes occurring around then. However, it didn’t keep going too lengthy as Kyogre was delivered soon after.

Water type movesets

There is a typical misinterpretation about what metric makes the biggest difference while picking a moveset for a particular Pokémon. The metric we are keen on is weave DPS. It essentially considers both quick and charge move’s base power, move cooldown times and energy gains/necessities. The accompanying Table showcases the most pertinent (not all) water type movesets, arranged by weave DPS (with STAB).

How to Get Hydro Cannon Pokémon GO

Northern Hemisphere

From 11am to 2pm in the Northern Hemisphere or 3pm to 6pm for the Southern Hemisphere on Jan. 19, Piplup will continually bring forth at an expanded rate no matter what your environmental elements. The beginning time starts in light of your neighborhood time, so the Piplup Community Day will begin at 11am CT.

As usual, there will a lengthy two-hour time frame after the occasion closes where you can develop your Piplup to an Empoleon nevertheless get Hydro Cannon before the exceptional move is lock away once more.


This Community Day likewise offers significantly increased get XP all through the three-hour time frame, and that implies you ought to consider involving a Lucky Egg as you get all your Mudkips. It’ll round up the XP as you snatch the cute axolotl Pokémon.

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