How to Defeat Illuginn in Coromon

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Illuginn the Ghost type Titan is the second Titan of Velua. Teacher Rigel alludes to it as the “Drinking spree of Reality”. It is to be found at the town of Pawbury, which lies past Soggy Swamp.

How to defeat Illuginn in Coromon

How to Defeat Illuginn in Coromon

Illuginn is the second Titan in the story of Coromon. This one’s the drinking spree of the real world and the guard to eternity. You find out that Pawbury is spooky in light of the fact that Coromon can’t continue on into the packed extraordinary past. In the wake of making your direction through the house of prayer and completing its preliminary, you’ll be prepared to confront Illuginn in fight.

Illuginn outline

Illuginn is an apparition type Coromon and an incredibly massive one at that. Being phantom sort Coromon results in it open to taking harm from apparition and wizardry type assaults. The issue with trying to overpower it with shortcomings now in the game, however, is the accessible program of Coromon. Most anything you have that can hit Illuginn’s shortcoming is going to drop to an assault or two from the Titan.

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General system

You’re going to need to play similarly as grimy as Illuginn. Bring along Coromon with moves that will support the details Illuginn means to drop. In the event that you got an Acie from the ocean side, its Inner Peace will keep its exceptional protection above water and give you the edge in harm you want to work on the profound Titan. An advanced Mino now will have Rage to support its assault and makes briefly stage ringer.


Ucaclaw is a crab that is challenging to defeat in light of the fact that Ucaclaw has a hard shell that shields him from foe strikes, and Ucaclaw likewise has 2 in number paws that permit him to obliterate foes. You will likewise find Ucaclaw in the primary part of the Ixqun map.

Lampyre and Lumasect

Lampyre and Lumasect is electric sort Coromon. Whenever the Lampyre arrives at level 16, it advances into Lumasect. Subsequent to exiting Ixqun and surfing east, you will find Lampyre and Lumasect on the following island.

How to defeat Illuginn in Coromon

All Legendary Coromon Locations

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