How to Complete Global Valentine’s Challenge in Pokémon Go

In this article we will show you How to Complete Global Valentine’s Challenge in Pokémon Go. Not exclusively does this Valentine’s Day occasion see the release of three new Pokémon – Flabébé, Floette and Florges – however there are two Valentine’s Day Collection Challenges for you to complete.

You can also gather Valentine’s Day occasion field research tasks, Get Sylveon in Pokemon Go alongside enjoying the occasion bonuses and catching Pokémon like Furfrou which are appearing all the more regularly in nature.

How to Complete Global Valentine’s Challenge in Pokémon Go

In request to complete the Global Valentine’s Challenge, Trainers all over the planet should join forces and send a combined total of 70 million Gifts to Friends in the Pokemon Go application.

How to Complete Global Valentine's Challenge in Pokémon Go

This might sound like an impossible task, yet Pokemon Go has millions of players and they’ve demonstrated that they can arrive at impressive goals like this during past Global Challenges, so start sending those Gifts!

Pokemon Go Global Valentine’s Challenge rewards

Assuming Pokemon Go players figure out how to complete the Global Valentine’s Challenge, they’ll be compensated with a 3x Transfer Candy bonus, which is ideal for evolving, powering up, and unlocking additional moves.
That seems to be the main prize on offer right now, in spite of the fact that we’ll keep you refreshed assuming Niantic decides to give an additional a bonus to players once the Global Valentine’s Challenge is completed.

Valentine’s Day Collection Challenge 2 List in Pokémon Go

For the Valentine’s Day Collection Challenge 2, you want to get four distinct Pokémon before Monday, fourteenth February at 8pm (neighborhood time). In the event that you don’t complete this Collection Challenge by this deadline, you will not have the option to gather its rewards.


Beneath you can find the Pokémon in the Valentine’s Day Collection Challenge 2:

  • Luvdisc (In the wild and field research task – Catch 5 Pokémon)
  • Furfrou – Natural Form (In the wild and one-star raids)
  • Minum (In nature)
  • Illumise (In nature)

Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Field Research tasks

Here are all of the occasion exclusive Field Research tasks you can get during the Valentine’s Day occasion, as well as the rewards on offer for completing them:

  • Get 5 Pokemon – Luvdisc experience
  • Get 20 Luvdisc – Alomomola
  • Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in succession – Spinda #9
  • Use 5 Berries to assist with catching Pokemon – Ralts experience
  • Acquire 3 hearts with your Buddy – Pikachu or Eevee experience

Win a Raid – Frillish experience (male or female)

You can open these Field Research tasks by spinning PokeStops during the Valentine’s Day occasion. They’ll be given out indiscriminately, so it’s simply a case of visiting as various PokeStops as you can.

A Global Valentine’s Challenge!

In festival of Valentine’s Day, a global challenge will be ongoing all through the occasion! Work with different Trainers all over the planet by sending Gifts to your friends. When Trainers send an adequate number of Gifts, they’ll open a bonus for all Trainers for the remainder of the occasion.

How to Complete Global Valentine's Challenge in Pokémon Go

Wild Encounters

The following Pokémon will show up more as often as possible in nature.

Flabébé with diversely shaded flowers will show up in the wild depending on where you are on the planet:

  • Red Flower Flabébé: Appearing in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Blue Flower Flabébé: Appearing in the Asia-Pacific locale
  • Yellow Flower Flabébé: Appearing in the Americas

In the event that you’re fortunate, you could experience White Flower Flabébé and Orange Flower Flabébé, regardless area you’re in.

How to Complete the Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day Collection Challenge

The Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day Collection challenge is separated into two separate batches. The tasks are simple, you just need to find eight monsters. There will be both ordinary spawns of these four floating around. To complete the first Collection Challenge, you’ll have to get no less than one of all of the following Pokémon:

  • Luvdisc
  • Plusle
  • Volbeat
  • Woobat

This occasion also celebrates the expansion of Flabébé, the blossom Pokémon, to Pokémon Go. Heart Trim Furfrou is also accessible during the occasion time frame, so on the off chance that you’re a collector of various intriguing Pokémon forms, make a point to snatch one preceding the occasion ends.

There is also a global challenge for players to send a combined 70 million gifts before the occasion ends to get significantly increased transfer Candy.

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