How to Clean Stains in Genshin Impact

You will read about How to Clean Stains in Genshin Impact in this guide. There are a lot of side missions in Genshin Impact for players who need to enjoy some time off from exploring the profundities of its monstrous open-world. However, a portion of those Genshin Impact missions might be more confusing than others.

Genshin Impact permits players to investigate an assortment of settings in however they see fit. There are a lot of stowed away treasures and mystery missions to keep the player connected with for quite a long time, like finding the mystery uninhabited island in Genshin Impact.

How to Clean Stains in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the most well known games available right now with some dubbing it the Breath of the Wild clone individuals never realized they required. While correlations with Zelda are both ludicrous and now and again legitimized, it’s no big surprise the game has resounded with so many as it’s allowed to-play, has a good time characters, and has exciting battle. Regardless of whether you’ve loved the game since dispatch or are a relative rookie, here you’ll find how to clean every one of the stains for the Cleanup At Dawn side mission.

While Genshin Impact has a lot to do in its present status, miHoYo have shared a guide for 2020 that includes delivery dates for rendition 1.1 and the Dragonspine area. The capacity to open Dragonspine is booked for close to Christmas, in the interim form 1.1 is planned for November and will add four new characters.

Yet, away from future substance, characters, and unlockable areas, beneath you’ll find how to clean every one of the stains for Cleanup At Dawn.


The Cleanup At Dawn side journey in Genshin Impact is opened by speaking to Adeline outside Dawn’s Winery.

You’ll find Adeline outside Dawn’s Winery in Genshin Impact, and she’ll be tracked down belittling a couple of teen servants

You should simply move toward the dominant chief, pay attention to her chide her “pointless” house keepers, and afterward deal to clean up the wreck like a decent kid or lady.

Cleanup at Dawn Quest: Clean the Stains

  • At the point when you enter Winery, you will find four stains on the ground floor. The areas of these enormous dark puddles (stains) are shown in the pictures above.
  • Presently, to clean them, you should choose a person like Barbara with water capacities.
  • You can open Barbara by reaching Adventure Rank 20 in the game and afterward prepare it.
  • Presently, go close to each stain and utilize your water capacity to clean them.
  • Later you are finished cleaning every one of the four stains, go close to Adelinde to finish the mission.

On completing the mission, you will get Adventure Rank EXP x 100, Mora x 2000, and Tea Break Pancake x 5 as remunerations. You can also get Genshin Impact free Primogems and Genesis Crystals from here.


For those of you who presently can’t seem to obtain the Cleanup At Dawn journey, you may have the option to obtain it later complete the Archon Quest: Prologue, Act 3: Song of the Dragon and Freedom.

Players should go to the Dawn Winery in request to begin the journey and address Adelinde who will be waiting outside of the Winery.

Adelinde will begin complaining with regards to how unclean the Dawn Winery is, requiring the player to follow her inside in request to assist with assisting her.

Cleanup At Dawn

The principal thing to do is head on over to the Dawn Winery. Assuming you’ve been following the Archon Questline, you’ll realize where it’s found. For the individuals who are uncertain, it’s to the east of Springvale. When you arrive, enter the winery, and you’ll see a lot of markings on the floor; after looking into it further, you’ll see these are really stains. This large number of stains must be taken out before the mission can be finished. In spite of the fact that it’s not extremely clear how to do this, we have you covered!

Guarantee that you have a Hydro component client in your party, ideally somebody who utilizes an impetus, than some other kind of weapon. As impetus clients, while attacking, typically utilize their component, no capacity must be utilized. However, using some other weapon, the component is just utilized by using their ability, which has a cooldown. It’s by and large speedier to utilize somebody like Barbara or Mona on the off chance that you are sufficiently fortunate to get her.

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