How to claim Prime Gaming bonuses for Lost Ark

In this article we will show you how to claim prime gaming bonuses for Lost Ark. Being an Amazon distributed item, it’s little astonishment that Lost Ark has collaborated with Prime Gaming to give players free month to month remunerates. This is the way to claim them.

It’s little shock, therefore, that Lost Ark will join the steadily growing scope of titles that are qualified with the expectation of complimentary plunder drops through Prime Gaming, an assistance connected to Amazon’s membership based conveyance medium.

How to claim Prime Gaming bonuses for Lost Ark

How to claim Prime Gaming bonuses for Lost Ark

From here, you can straightforwardly connect your Prime Gaming record to your Lost Ark account. Click the award you want and afterward follow the connection that permits you to interface your records. You’ll need to sign in again to both your Amazon record and Steam account.

Since your two records are connected, you can claim the prizes you want for Lost Ark. Click “Go Claim” to get back to the Prime Gaming page and get your plunder. Complete your claim and you’ll get your prizes. You should have to do this cycle once. In-game bonuses like this will drop consistently, so check the page steadily to check whether there’s any new plunder you can claim.

Remember to claim your free Prime Gaming rewards

Lost Ark formally dispatches today and on the off chance that you anticipate playing the allowed to-play MMO and are additionally an Amazon Prime part, you could get a few free in-game things to start off your experience. Prime Gaming is offering individuals in-game substance for Lost Ark all through the long stretch of February, with the principal thing currently accessible to claim.

The Battle Item Pack can be claimed at the present time. It contains the Crystalline Aura, Amethyst Shard Pack and Battle Chest Bundle. Glasslike Aura is a one-use thing that goes on for 30 days (albeit this free one probably endures 5 days) and gives different bonuses, for example, expanded Daily Rapport Actions, expanded Life Energy regular recuperation, a decrease on Stronghold clocks, free quick voyaging and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Amethyst Shards are utilized to buy Rapport Supplies Chests, Crystalline Aura, Selection Chests and that’s just the beginning.

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Lost Ark Battle Item Pack: How to Claim (Prime Gaming)

Clearly how to claim prime gaming bonuses for Lost Ark, clients should have a functioning Amazon Prime membership and enrolled their record with Prime Gaming. They will likewise have to have their Steam account connected with said Prime. We’ve spread out the other strides, beneath:

  • Explore to Amazon’s platform and observe the record page.
  • From the record page, observe the Prime Gaming area.
  • While in Prime Gaming, track down the Lost Ark tab. The accessible prizes should be noticeable close to the top of the page.
  • Select the qualified award and the “Claim Now” choice.
  • On the off chance that not done as of now, connect the proper Steam record to the current Amazon Prime record.
    Recover the prizes.


The cycle for enacting Lost Ark Drops on Twitch is like actuating Drops for past games. Halfway down the page, you’ll see a choice to connect your Twitch record to your Steam account. Whenever that is done, simply click the Activate button straightforwardly underneath, and you can begin acquiring Drops.

How to claim Prime Gaming bonuses for Lost Ark

Lost Ark Prime Gaming Rewards (February 2022)

To commend the send off of Smilegate’s hack and cut experience, players will actually want to get a Battle Item pack. This incorporates a large number of treats to assist you with creeping your direction through even the darkest prisons, ensuring Arkesia’s evil presences don’t have a potential for success.

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