How to add friends on Xbox windows 10 – Add New Companions [Simple Guide]

In this article you will read about How to add friends on Xbox windows 10. Social gaming has become an extremely popular thing. How to add friends on Xbox windows 10 Different platforms have connected through games and online friendships. By adding friends, Xbox makes it easy to stay linked with the people you relish gaming with. 

Open the Xbox application on Windows 10 by discovering it in your Start Menu. On the correct side of the application, you’ll discover your companions list. Select a companion you need to welcome, or add them to your companions list first by utilizing the inquiry box to discover their Gamertag.

How do you add friends on the Xbox app?

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  • Press the Xbox catch to open the guide.
  • Select Sign in.
  • Look down and select your record to sign in.
  • After you sign in, press the Xbox catch to open the guide.
  • Under Friends and clubs, select Find somebody.
  • Quest for a gamertag.
  • Select Add companion to add the individual’s gamertag to your companions list.

How do I allow my child to add friends on Xbox?

Change your kid’s Xbox security and online wellbeing settings

  1. Sign in to the Xbox settings page with the parent’s Microsoft account.
  2. Pick the gamertag for your kid’s record.
  3. Select the Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety tab or the Privacy tab, audit the settings right now set up, and afterward update those you need to change.

How do you add friends on Minecraft Windows 10?

How to invite people to your Minecraft Realm

  • Launch Minecraft for Windows 10 from your Start menu or work area.
  • Snap Play.
  • Snap the Edit button close to your Realm.
  • Click Members.
  • Snap Invite close to any individuals effectively in your Xbox companions list.
  • How would I include companions epic Xbox?

Add individuals you need to play with as an Epic Games companion from the How to add friends on Xbox windows 10 Games Launcher on Mac or PC, from inside the game on portable or through the principle menu of the game on PS4. (Hit the Options button on your PS4 regulator and explore to Epic Friends in the menu that heaps.)

What happens after adding friends on Xbox? 

After adding friends online on Xbox, irrespective of who sent you the friend request, you can see what games they are playing and can also view their status. From sending messages to inviting them to chat or sending game invites for games that you both have downloaded one’s experience of gaming becomes enjoyable. 

What you need to add friends. 

What you need is to ask your friends about their gamertag. A gamertag is a label that is distinct for every single player, which can be altered for the first time for free and then you will have to pay to change it. Once your friends tell you, switch on your console and sign into your account, also make sure that your account is linked to Microsoft account or you will not be able to add any other player. 

Benefits of adding friends.

Adding How to add friends on Xbox windows 10 has two benefits. Firstly, you find out the games they are playing so you can compete on records and scores. Secondly, you can play games with them online, however, for that you require Xbox Live Gold Account. Windows has lately included a version of the Xbox live platform to its service, this means that you can add your gamer buddies to your Xbox profile from your laptop. 

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If you are not logged in to your record, on the top-right select the option to sign in. Once you have signed in on Xbox windows 10, go to your gamer profile icon. Now you will be shown a dropdown menu. 

In the dropdown menu consider the option of ‘change friend’, through this option you will be able to add or remove friends. This is how you add friends on Xbox windows 10. These steps are quite easy to follow.  


Add friends on Xbox One using the Xbox app. 

  • Download the app either on your android or apple phone. 
  • Once downloaded, launch the app.
  • On the top of the screen, tap the symbol of two people, this will launch the “Friends & Clubs” tab. Then click on the search bar and enter the Gamertag of the friend you wish to add. 
  • When you enter the gamertag you will find your friends username, then click on ‘add friend’ and your friend request will be sent. 
  • The next step is that your friend will accept your request and you two can finally play together or with other mutual friends as well. 

Xbox One does things are a little differently. Once you have How to add friends on Xbox windows 10 someone, they show in your friend list without any approval, however, they can block you. While you get a notification, here is how to block or limit someone on Xbox One.

  • Find where the people section is and click on it, here you will be able to find the people you have added as your friends. 

  • Choose and click on the profile of the person and then click on change friendship. 

  • Here you will be shown three options; make a regular friend, make him/her favorite or remove him from your friend list. 
  • An option of blocking will also be shown. It lets you block any Gamertag. 

What is so essential is controlling your privacy on Xbox One. Make sure to go to Profile > My profile > Privacy settings. At this point you can alter how people can add you, how much of your private and public information they can see, and much more.

What is different on Xbox 360?

On Xbox 360, when a friend adds you or accepts your request, a notification is shown in the message box that is located at Profile > Message box. If you do not see any kind of messages, recheck to make sure you are signed in. 

Tap on the respective message to read it. One the left-hand side of the message different options are shown, either to accept, decline or reply to the message. Feel free to select any option you wish. 

Once you have seen the message, How to add friends on Xbox windows 10 in the ‘My friends’ section and compare games and scores with them. You can also send voice messages to your friends. 

Multiplayer experience while gaming takes you up a notch and makes gaming a lot more intense and fun. Having a group of friends, you could call any time to play and compete with other groups makes everything much more stimulating than playing alone with robots. 

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