How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag Name on Windows 10

Xbox is not, at this point simply a gaming console. It’s an app and set of administrations incorporated into Windows 10. However, Xbox still uses whatever old gamertag, or epithet, is related with your Microsoft account. You may have set this name on a Xbox 360 every decade prior, or may have been given by Microsoft’s Games to Windows LIVE assistance.

In the event that you need to change your gamertag, however don’t have a Xbox–or simply need a simpler method to do it–you can change it through the Windows 10 Xbox app.

There’s one trick: Microsoft is closefisted with name changes. In principle, you have one free gamertag change–in spite of the fact that that didn’t work for me. From that point onward, you’ll have to burn through $10 or add an alternate Microsoft record to the Xbox app.

Change Your Gamertag for Free

To change your gamertag from Windows 10, open the Xbox app from your Start menu. Snap or tap your profile picture at the upper left corner of the app. You’ll see your Xbox profile information. Snap “Redo” under your image the lower part of the profile sheet.

Everyone gets one free gamertag change, from a certain perspective. The Xbox app informs me that I’ve “just utilized my free gamertag change,” which isn’t in reality evident for my situation. I accuse Microsoft’s bombed Games for Windows LIVE assistance for wrecking this by one way or another when it furnished me with my this default gamertag numerous years prior.

In case you’re fortunate and maybe on the off chance that you as of late made your Xbox profile–you may even now have a free gamertag change accessible and the app will let you enter another gamertag. Remember that this is your lone free gamertag change for this record, so make the most of it!

On the off chance that you don’t have a free gamertag change, you’ll be advised to “Go to” from here. You’ll be taken to the Change gamertag page on Microsoft’s site, which you can likewise open straightforwardly in your internet browser to change your gamertag from any gadget. Sign in with a similar Microsoft account you use in Windows 10’s Xbox app.

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The site permits you to pick another gamertag. After you do, click “Guarantee it!” You’ll be diverted to a page that permits you to purchase the “Gamertag Change” administration. This expenses $9.99 in the USA, and will cost distinctive yet likely similar measures of money in different monetary standards, contingent upon the nation you live in.

Truly, it is highly unlikely around this. You could have a go at bothering Microsoft’s help individuals into giving you a free name change through the “Contact Support” app included with Windows 10, yet they’ll likely advise you to spend the $10. “There are no discounts,” as the site notes.

Utilize a Different Microsoft Account in the Xbox App

In the event that you would prefer not to pay to change your Xbox gamertag, you have one more choice. You can sign into the Xbox application with an alternate Microsoft account. To do as such, click the stuff symbol at the base left corner of the Xbox app and select “Sign Out” under your client account.

At the point when you attempt to sign in once more, the Xbox app will endeavor to sign you in with a similar Microsoft account you’re utilizing with Windows 10. In any case, you can tap the “Sign In With a Different Microsoft Account” interface under Use Another Account.

The new record can be anything you like. You could even make another Microsoft account explicitly for this reason. After you sign in with a Microsoft account that is never had a Xbox Live profile, you’ll have the option to pick a gamertag for it. That gamertag will appear in the Xbox app and in Xbox administrations in Windows 10’s Store apps. Your unique Microsoft record will even now be utilized for your Windows account, the Windows Store, and different administrations in Windows 10.

At the point when you sign in with another Microsoft account, you’ll won’t have any of the accomplishments, companions, and other information related with the old Xbox profile. It’s a new record. On the off chance that you need to make another gamertag without losing your accomplishments or companions, you’ll have to pay $10 for the gamertag change administration.

Microsoft has explanations behind their miserliness, obviously. Gamertags should exceptionally recognize you on Xbox Live, and Microsoft doesn’t need individuals continually evolving them, particularly if someone’s annoying you on the web. However, don’t worry even Xbox Live Gold clients who pay $60 a year never get any free name changes and need to dish out an extra $10 to Microsoft on the off chance that they actually need this administration.

With Microsoft progressively rivaling Steam for PC gaming, it’s significant that Steam permits the same number of free name changes as you need.

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