How to Fix the Headphone Jack on Xbox One Controller

Turning off the headset and stopping it back in might briefly resolve the issue, yet there are other all the more long haul fixes you can attempt. Encountering issues with your Headphone Jack on Xbox One Controller 3.5mm headphone jack? It’s a reasonable and simple fix, just requiring the ability to get in the engine and trade out the basics. Return to gaming and talking quick with this 10-minute fix for your Xbox gamepad.

As indicated by a great deal of Xbox clients all over the planet, regularly, a sound issue happens with the Xbox One controller. The microphone can quit working, or your headset can continue to buzz, which can truly make you unequipped for hearing the sound through your Xbox One headset.

It can likewise make the clients unfit to record the Connect Wireless Headphones to Xbox One. It’s very irritating to get the Xbox One Controller Headphone Jack Not Working while at the same time messing around. In any case, you should not to be restless. A few compelling fixes are mentioned beneath. You can just determination such an issue with the Xbox One controller by following these solutions.

As indicated by numerous Xbox clients all over the planet, regularly a sound issue occurs with the Xbox One controller. The mic quits working or the headset continues to buzz, which makes you incapable to hear any sound through the Headphone Jack on Xbox One Controller. Indeed, even it makes you unfit to record your voice.

What Causes an Xbox One Controller Headphone Jack to Stop Working?

At the point when a Headphone Jack on Xbox One Controller jack quits working, it’s either because of an equipment or firmware issue. Xbox One controller headphone jacks aren’t fastened set up, so customary use can make the contacts become free. At the point when that occurs, your Xbox One may not perceive your headset, or you might encounter helpless sound quality.

Sound issues are now and again brought about by the headphone jack when something different is at fault. For instance, harmed headphone connectors, a muffled gaming headset, or erroneously arranged protection settings can all present as issues with the headset jack.

How to Fix the Headphone Jack on Xbox One Controller

To fix the sound issue, follow these steps underneath keeping everything under control. These solutions are accounted for as working by numerous clients. You shouldn’t make a difference this large number of fixes, yet you should proceed until you view as the functioning one.

Solution 1: General Troubleshooting

You should begin with some broad investigating processes prior to applying some other Headphone Jack on Xbox One Controller. It incorporates all the important checking, applying which the issue may get settled.

  • You should detach the headset when such an issue shows up. Turn off the link from the controller, search for any soil or harm and reconnect it to the controller solidly.
  • Guarantee that the volume of your headset isn’t quieted by squeezing the volume keys and other control buttons put on the headset.
  • Attempt to build the volume from the settings of your gadget.
  • Ensure that the headset you are utilizing is viable with your controller.
  • Have a go at involving one more controller just as an alternate headset to check on the off chance that there is any equipment breakdown present in these gadgets.
  • Clean every one of the connectors, line, and headphone jack to eliminate each conceivable shot at getting a sound issue.
  • Eliminate the batteries and check assuming they are low to give adequate capacity to the headset. Change the batteries assuming you think that they can’t run the controller.
  • Turn off the power link, sit tight for around 15 seconds and reconnect the controller to the power source. It will reboot your control center.
  • In the event that the issue isn’t settled by following these overall fixes, proceed to the following solution gave underneath.

Solution 2: Check The Xbox One Privacy Settings

At the point when the microphone turns quieted on your Headphone Jack on Xbox One Controller because of your profile settings, the Xbox One headset no sound happens. Assuming the kid account is actuated, voice correspondence goes as far as possible. You should sign in utilizing the parent record to utilize the microphone.

Really look at the profile settings by following these steps in like manner:

  • Press the Xbox One button put on the controller and select the Settings symbol.

  • Pick the All Settings choice.

Headphone Jack on Xbox One Controller

  • Select the Account choice from the left board.
  • Click on the Privacy and online wellbeing choice.

  • You can see the View subtleties and alter button on the right side. Click on it.

Headphone Jack on Xbox One Controller

  • On the following window, select the Communicate with voice and text choice.
  • Presently select with whom, you need to converse with, like companions or everyone.

  • Close the Settings window.

Presently check assuming you can speak with your contacts utilizing the microphone.

Assuming the Xbox headset is as yet inert, you should attempt the following solution beneath.

Solution 3: Perform A Power Cycle On The Xbox One

Numerous clients announced that applying a power cycle settled the Xbox One controller headphone jack not working. At the point when the issue is brought about by a Xbox dashboard misfire, you can fix it by applying a power cycle technique. It is a viable solution to such an issue.

This is how you can play out a power cycle on your Xbox One without any problem:

  • You should press and hold the Xbox One power button for around 10 seconds until you can see the LED pointer goes off.
  • Presently hang tight for a couple of moments and betray by squeezing the Xbox button put on the control center.
    At the point when the boot-up is finished effectively, you can see a liveliness with a green foundation on the screen.
  • On the off chance that you can’t see any liveliness like this, rehash the interaction to play out a power cycle once more.
  • When the startup finishes, interface your headset and check whether the issue is settled.

In the event that this solution doesn’t work for you, attempt the following one.

 Solution 4: Check The Chat Mixer

You should check the party talk settings when you notice Headphone Jack on Xbox One Controller no sound. To check the party talk, you ought to follow these steps beneath:

  • Go to the System Settings and select the Display and sound choice.

Headphone Jack on Xbox One Controller

  • Select the Volume choice from the following window.

  • You can see the choice to adjust the party volume utilizing the slider present. Take a stab at adjusting the volume or set the slider to the center of the volume bar.

Presently check whether the Xbox One headset no sound is fixed.

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