Quick Games to Enjoy When You Don’t Have a Lot of Time

Waiting can be a surprisingly difficult challenge to overcome, especially when you’re presented with an awkward amount of time. Too little time to truly commit to something and relax, but too much time to be content with doing nothing at all. These situations can often lead to you putting one foot in either camp, getting the worst of both worlds.

An approach that might instead suit you better is to find some quick games that you can become aware of so that when these situations strike, you can find comfort in the fact that you have a way of sitting back and passing the time in a stress-free manner. A variety of genres can also help you to cover different bases and moods you might feel.

Online Casino Games

The kinds of games that you’re looking for in this situation are the ones that you can quickly launch yourself into and wrap up before you know it. Any elements of narrative or long-form strategy might throw this plan into disarray. For that reason, online casino games might be exactly what you’re looking for. Among the classics, you have entries such as slot games or roulette, which are easy to understand, easy to throw yourself into, and easy to wrap up. Another factor that might interest you in this option is the fact that you can easily access these titles by simply searching for ‘online casino real money’ on your smartphone, meaning that you don’t need to set up your console or PC as you might otherwise.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a multiplatform, free-to-play sports game that is essentially a version of football but played with cars. The chaotic thrill of the game is something that worked as a mere novelty to draw people in, but its popularity has soared to such a point that it’s played competitively at professional eSports events. However, despite that high ceiling, you might find that the initial joy of the game can be found in simply playing it, and you don’t need to have aspirations of joining those at the top to throw yourself in for a quick round or two.

The accessibility of the game, as well as the fact that there aren’t many players per team, makes it easy to get involved and see what all the fuss is about.


Another game that’s easily accessible due to its presence on mobile platforms, Hearthstone is a card game that you can launch yourself into when you don’t have much time. While there is a strategy here, the furious back-and-forth that makes up the basis of this game can hook you in and quickly leave you forgetting about why you’re even killing time in the first place – which might mean you need to keep an eye on the clock. One thing to consider with this game, however, is that it has been the subject of controversy due to the presence of microtransactions. These might make it difficult for you to build a successful deck without such a commitment, which is worth keeping in mind.

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