How to Unlock and Complete Guardian Raids in Lost Ark

Guardian Raids in Lost Ark is an everyday manager battle you can do double a day. You can join a party of up to three different players and bring down a difficult chief, getting significant prizes that will assist you with sharpening your stuff to higher thing levels. However, opening these Guardian Raids doesn’t come toward the beginning of the game. You’ll need to advance through the game to begin on these.

Guardian Raids, close by other final plan content like Chaos Dungeons and Abyss Dungeons, expect you to be basically Level 50. You want to have opened North Vern and complete the journey: Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate to participate in these manager battles. When you do, go to the Guardian Raid notice board to battle your ideal chief.

This guide makes sense of how for open Guardian Raids in Lost Ark and how the prize framework is organized. It likewise records each Raid with a couple of key ways to deal with the supervisors you’ll find inside and when it very well may be smarter to simply allow a couple of days to pass without testing a Guardian Raid.

In the event that your Lost Ark class simply isn’t cutting it, ensure you’ve enhanced your personality’s Engravings and have the right Ability Stones for the Monte Island Token in Lost Ark. When in doubt, you can constantly utilize the Powerpass to step up another person in a class that suits your necessities all the more actually.

How to Unlock and Complete Guardian Raids in Lost Ark

You should be qualified to the point of attacking the various Guardians. Without a doubt! You need to complete the Guardian Raid Qualification testament journey to open Guardian raids. You must be basically level 50 or above to crush on Guardian raids. What’s more, you need to likewise complete the instructional exercise journeys in Vern. Whenever you have completed these essentials, you can make a beeline for the Raid Notice Board to begin a Guardian assault.

What is Guardian Raids in Lost Ark?

You should simply find the supervisor Guardian and rout it. Presently as simple as it sounds, these Guardians can be inconvenience for fledglings. Guardian raids have four unique Guardians in each degree of trouble. There are five levels of these raids with the measures of least iLvl for every last one of them to begin crushing. Referenced underneath are on the whole the Guardians with the base iLvl that you will experience:

Guardian Raid Level 1

  • Ur’nil – 302+
  • Lumerus – 340+
  • Frosty Legoros – 380+
  • Vertus – 420+

Guardian Raid Level 2

  • Chromanium – 460+
  • Nacrasena – 500+
  • Fire Fox Yoho – 540+
  • Tytalos – 580+

Guardian Raid Level 3

  • Dark Legoros – 802+
  • Helgaia – 840+
  • Calventus – 880+
  • Achates – 920+

Guardian Raids in Lost Ark

Guardian Raid Level 4

  • Ice Helgaia – 960+
  • Magma Chromanium – 1000+
  • Levanos – 1040+
  • Alberhastic – 1080+

Guardian Raid Level 5

  • Weighty Armor Nacrasena – 1302+
  • Igrexion – 1325+
  • Night Fox Yoho – 1355+
  • Velganos – 1385+

How to Complete Guardian Raids?

This is the way to complete Guardian Raids in Lost Ark :

  • Prior to beginning any of the raids, you will be given a decision to reap their spirits or not. Decide to reap the spirits to employ more prominent plunder.
  • You should organize and plan with your group to overcome the Guardian.
  • As far as possible to crush on Guardian raids is two. However, neglecting to complete a strike will not be represented in your everyday cutoff. You will actually want to reset and retry to complete the raids.
  • As you start the attack, your group will get three respawns with a stimulating twenty-minute clock. On the off chance that your group doesn’t get by after three respawns, the assault will come up short.
  • In the wake of finishing your first strike Ur ‘nothing, the following assault opens up to you, etc.
  • If you have any desire to open a higher degree of Guardian raids, you should complete every one of the four raids in that specific degree of trouble.

  • The principal levels of these raids are really direct, in any case. As you go further, you will experience the Guardians that are more polished and more astute. Brilliant on the grounds that these high-level Guardians will go around to burn through your time. You can prepare flares to find these Guardians. We propose you pick the right group with the right procedure to manage these Guardians.

Rewards for Completing Guardian Raids

After you have effectively killed the Guardian, you can reap their spirits to get the plunder. Guardian raids are the most ideal way to get adornments, overhaul materials to art, and capacity stones for inscriptions. Search for the normal compensations before you start with the attack. As you go for ensuing more significant levels of hardships, you will get higher and better plunder.

That is all on how to open Guardian Raids in Lost Ark solo aide. On the off chance that you loved this aide, make a point to really look at our aides on the best performance guide, destroy or sell old stuff, and how to move information in Lost Ark here at Gamer Tweak.

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