How to Play Bennett in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has a huge and different rundown of playable characters. With such countless characters, not every has the opportunity to try out each character’s pack and capacities. This guide will turn out how to Play Bennett in Genshin Impact, the unfortunate swashbuckler who generally is by all accounts causing problems.

Bennett is a 4-star character reachable from either the Limited Character Banner, Limited Weapon Banner, or Standard Banner. Every once in a while, Bennett will likewise have a rate-up on the Limited Character Banner, expanding the possibilities pulling him and his star groupings. Bennett is famous in Uninstall Genshin Impact on PC for being probably the most grounded help in the game, flaunting a few in number mending and group buffs.

Bennett is one of the unluckiest travelers in Genshin Impact. His misfortunate has driven numerous to leave his group. In spite of the fact that tormented with misfortune, Bennett is an extraordinary expansion to groups, causing Pyro responses while helping his group’s assault and recuperating them. This is the way to Play Bennett in Genshin Impact.

However great hearted, Bennett struggles satisfying the existence of a traveler around Mondstadt. Previously, he drove the suitably named Benny’s Adventure Team, however because of his strange ability of being unquestionably unfortunate, a progression of mishaps made his partners go “on leave.”

How to Play Bennett in Genshin Impact

Attack: Strike of Fortune – Bennett employs a sword, which he can swing in a 5-section combo. Energizing the assault will perform to speedy strikes before Bennett. A plunging assault can performed while fall.

Natural Skill: Passion Overload – Bennett permeates his sword with the force of Pyro and soul of Adventure. Contingent upon how lengthy this capacity is held for, it will have various impacts.

  • Tap: Bennett discharges out a speedy, little strike that bargains Pyro harm.
  • Charge Level 1: Bennett strikes two times, managing Pyro harm and sending off adjacent adversaries.
  • Charge Level 2: Bennett releases 3 sequential assaults that bargain a lot of Pyro harm. However the last assault makes a blast that thumps back Bennett and his adversaries. Bennett doesn’t take harm from the blast.

Natural Burst: Fantastic Voyage – Play Bennett in Genshin Impact high up and plays out a Pyro hammer assault that makes an Inspiration Field for 12 seconds. Assuming the person inside the AOE is equivalent or beneath 70% wellbeing, they will be recuperated, scaling with Bennett’s Max HP. Assuming the person inside the AOE is more prominent than 70% wellbeing, they gain an assault reward that scales with Bennett’s Base Attack.

How to Get Bennett

Bennett is a 4-star character accessible both on the standard flag and the person pennant. He generally shows up as a rate up character so getting him ought not be a major issue.

Combat Details

Right off the bat in the game, Play Bennett in Genshin Impact was considered a reasonably shoddy person will average harm yield and an Elemental Skill that had an excessive number of downsides to consider valuable. Presently, Bennett is really considered a top-level person for end-game substance like the Spiral Abyss. He actually can’t yield a lot of harm, however the recuperates and support he empowers amount to a few genuine DPS gains and uptime.

Play Bennett in Genshin Impact

That being said, it takes no less than one Constellation open to make him really advantageous, as it eliminates the state of the ATK buff managed by his Elemental Skill and expands its impact. Without it, he’s a tomfoolery character that can in any case empower a group of changed Elements with his quick Element Recharge, yet one that ordinarily outmatched.


  • C1: Grand Expectation – Fantastic Voyage’s ATK increment no longer has a HP limitation, and gains an extra 20% of Bennett’s Base ATK.
  • C2: Impasse Conqueror – When HP falls underneath 70%, builds Energy Recharge by 30%.
  • C3: Unstoppable Fervor – Increases Passion Overload’s expertise level by 3. Most extreme redesign level is 15.
  • C4: Unexpected Odyssey – Short hold to deliver Passion Overload as a two-stage assault. Press the assault button to play out an extra falling assault.
  • C5: True Explorer – Increases Fantastic Voyage’s expertise level by 3. Most extreme overhaul level is 15.
  • C6: Fire Ventures with Me – Sword, Claymore, or Polearm-using characters inside Fantastic Voyage’s range gain a 15% Pyro DMG Bonus and their weapons are injected with Pyro.

Artifacts and builds for Bennett

Bennett is best worked as a help in Genshin Impact. By a long shot his best antiquity set is a 4-piece Noblesse Oblige. This will expand the harm of Fantastic Voyage and furthermore give an additional an assault lift to all party individuals for 12 seconds. Search for sub details that help Elemental Mastery, Attack and Health. You need to focus on step up the Fantastic Voyage ability.

Bennett can likewise be worked as a harm vendor, yet this isn’t as normal. For Play Bennett in Genshin Impact to be a solid primary DPS, you should have the fourth Constellation for him. This permits him to bargain additional harm with Passion Overload. With this form, you need to incorporate into the Gladiator’s Finale and Crimson Witch of Flames antiquity sets.

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