GTA 6 Reportedly Making Major Change From GTA 5

According to a new report GTA 6 Reportedly Making, Rockstar Games is set to roll out a major improvement from GTA 5 with GTA 6. In the wake of announcing the game recently, Rockstar Games has to a great extent not spoken about GTA 6, not in any meaningful way in any event. At the point when this will change, remains to be seen, however meanwhile, we have a new report about the following installment in the Grand Theft Auto. Not at all like most reports and releases, this most recent piece of information comes from a dependable source. And according to this source, there won’t be similar number of heroes as the past game.

GTA 6 Reportedly Making Major Change From GTA 5

The most recent claimed goody about the game comes the method of Jason Schreier, a correspondent for Bloomberg. Using Reddit, the columnist killed the most recent GTA 6 gossip on the site, and all the while, affirmed that the game won’t have three heroes as GTA 5 did. As you might be aware, not at all like past GTA games, GTA 5 didn’t have one sole hero, however three that players could change to on the fly: Trevor Pascal Gaming presents, Michael, and Franklin.

Sadly, while Schreier destroys the talk that there will be three heroes, he doesn’t support this case with any information about whether the game will get back to one hero, or have an alternate number of more than one heroes like 2 or 4 or 77. Previously, we’ve heard the game will have a female hero, while different bits of hearsay have guaranteed there will be two heroes, a siblings.

For the time being, believe everything here with some hesitancy. Further, make certain to get up to speed with all of the most recent GTA 6 news, tales, breaks, and hypothesis by clicking here or, on the other hand, by perusing the applicable and late links right beneath:

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GTA 6 Reportedly Making Major Change From GTA 5
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