How to Unlock Echo Overwatch 2

Echo Overwatch 2 is a Harm Class Legend with very powerful abilities. She is a special figure with futuristic and android-like characteristics incorporated into her design. Furthermore, Echo, in the same way as other others, is an Overwatch original that was continued to the new title.

She is a developmental robot modified with cutting edge man-made reasoning that can rapidly adjust to different situations. Echo is a versatile legend fit for going airborne as well. Combined with that, she has gotten some equilibrium changes while migrating to the new title.

For new players, to unlock Echo, you really want to play 150 unranked matches. Echo is the last unlockable Legend you can guarantee, and along the way, you can unlock the wide range of various Heroes in Overwatch 2.

However, you can also get her in the wake of winning 75 games as well since you get twofold XP for each win in an unranked match. When you do, you can use her abilities in fight, as she is perfect for airborne and long-went land battle. The following are every last bit of her skillsets and abilities that you can use in a match.

how to unlock echo overwatch 2

Unlocking Echo in Overwatch 2

As a result, not many teammates genuinely dislike having Echo with them in Overwatch 2. Counters Orisa Overwatch 2 At the point when she’s not dealing harm and killing opponents once they hit half-wellbeing or less. She’s deciding which adversary has the best skills to use against their own group.


At first, Echo plays basically the same as Pharah. Fly up in the air, bargain some harm, and send out a shaft in the event that anyone gets low on wellbeing to finish them off. Land in safety, then get ready for the following flight. Shoot frequently, if just because to energize her definitive.

At the point when her definitive is up, she can transform into a version of a foe colleague, complete with their moves in general. Cause anything that harm should be possible in the structure. At the point when it’s finished or Echo reaches zero wellbeing, return to the process of dealing harm from about and checking to see in the event that any elite tank units have gotten low on wellbeing.


  • Fires three shots immediately in a triangle design.

Indeed, even gamers new to the franchise definitely realize that splitting shots usually means things deteriorate as the reach gets longer. However, Echo’s shots truly do just slightly separate from a far distance, giving her a decent medium scope of precision for her Tri-Shot.

Sticky Bombs
  • Fire a volley of sticky bombs that detonate after a postponement.

The sticky bombs are similar to the Tri-Shot in terms of reach. Their harm is high, yet Echo needs to point cautiously, otherwise opponents will just take off. If all else fails, point this at a mass of bodies or the tanks and expect to get a bit fortunate.

  • Fly forward rapidly and afterward free-fly momentarily.

Flight has a speedy dash applied to the beginning of this ability, convenient for escapes or for a fast reposition. Thereafter, she gets a couple of moments to zoom around toward any path she’d like prior to descending. The cooldown is such that Echo can’t spend every last bit of her time in the air, yet she can string together these jumps somewhat rapidly.

Tips and Tricks

Get to realize counters well. In the wake of unlocking the heroes as a whole, mess about and understand which heroes are best against other heroes. Subsequent to seeing the foe group composition, choose a couple of priority targets to transform into, in addition to the closest irregular foe after a definitive is prepared.

Echo should be a tracker for half-wellbeing enemies. Given the strength of her Focusing Bar, regardless of whether she dies, she can take somewhere around one adversary with her. Up to that point, shoot early and frequently to get the charges rolling on her definitive ability.

Advantages and Counters

Against heroes like Symmetra and Torbjorn, Echo outranges the two them and their turrets, so she’s an extraordinary pick. A foe Wreck Ball brings the party to Echo, allowing her to take out a tank from the safety of the backlines. Moira can move blasted away before she has an opportunity to blink away once she gets low sufficient on wellbeing. Finally, Roadhog’s wellbeing pool saves him from some of the game’s best DPS characters, yet not Echo.

As a flyer, be careful about Cassidy, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Soldier: 76, Sojourn, Bastion, or other enemies that hit with precision. Baptiste is an annoying support unit for Echo as he can make allies undying briefly, in any event, when they are coming up short on wellbeing. Lastly, Sigma’s lobs are sufficiently high to hit Echo as she flies, so avoid him.

how to unlock echo overwatch 2

Does Overwatch 2 have echo?

Echo is one of the fresh out of the box new heroes in Overwatch 2, and she requires a ton of work to completely master. One of the newest harm heroes in Overwatch 2 is Echo, a futuristic robot that has been modified to inflict greatest casualties on any combat zone she touches.

Echo is, obviously, still a person in Overwatch 2 and she’s completely playable. Squelch Chat Overwatch 2 Every last bit of her cosmetics and customizations are completely supported and transferred over to the new game.

While 5v5 and Push are more divisive, many really do adore the two of them. However, it does not outshine the first Overwatch in each manner. While Overwatch 2 has some slightly cleaner visuals, much better sound design, and further developed lighting for every one of its maps, it does not figure out how to outperform its predecessor in some significant areas.

How long does it take to unlock Echo Overwatch 2?

If you would rather not dish out any additional cash, you can unlock Echo as a feature of the onboarding process yet may take upwards of 100 games before she is finally unlocked. For another uncommon harm character, look at how to unlock and use Collector in Overwatch 2.

Echo, in Greek folklore, a mountain sprite, or oread. Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book III, relates that Echo annoyed the goddess Hera by keeping her in conversation. Thus preventing her from spying on one of Zeus’ amours.

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