How To Get Shiny Pieces In FPS Chess – Full Guide

Shiny pieces, my dear reader, are the sacred goals of this half breed game. They’re not simply esthetically pleasing, twinkling like disco balls at an ABBA gathering show, however they can also bring certain gameplay advantages, which we’ll get to later. Very much like Charizard for a Pokémon card collector, these shiny pieces are what each FPS Chess player is eager to nab. How about we make a plunge, shall we?

How To Get Shiny Pieces In FPS Chess

Understanding Shiny Pieces

You understand what’s superior to a regular chess piece? A shiny one, obviously! Picture this: You’re sprinting across the board, adrenaline surging, firearm ready, and there toward the side of the screen, towering over the battlefield, is your shiny sovereign. Goodness, the wonder!

These famous pieces are enhanced variants of regular chess pieces, often with special capabilities and features — it resembles they spent a semester abroad and came back cooler, smarter, and more lovely. They can range from intimidating shiny rooks that can dominate a battlefield to stealthy shiny pawns that can sneak behind foe lines unhindered. They aren’t necessarily more impressive than regular pieces, however the interesting abilities they bring often offer innovative strategies and tactics to outmaneuver your adversary.

Strategies for Obtaining Shiny Pieces

Now that you’re all kinds of advertised about shiny pieces, let me share the skinny on how to get them. There’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy in obtaining shiny pieces – very much like snagging the last doughnut at the office, it needs smart maneuvers.


The game rewards dedication. Put in the gaming hours, and chances of encountering shiny pieces increase. Keep in mind, practice makes great, in addition to your chess game will improve, it’s a win!


As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Trading can be a fast way to snag that shiny piece you’ve been longing for.


Once in a while the speediest way to your shiny heart’s longing is only a couple of snaps and a charge card number away. FPS Chess offers optional in-app purchases that let you purchase shiny pieces straightforwardly.

Tips for Maintaining and Upgrading Shiny Pieces

Having shiny pieces is cool and all, yet maintaining them? Correct, that’s right, those shiny pieces aren’t self-cleaning. Without a doubt, they don’t literally gather dust, yet they can lose their viability while perhaps not appropriately taken care of or upgraded. Here are a little-known techniques to keep your shiny pieces in fighting shape:

Stay active: The more you play with your shiny pieces, the more in-order you’ll become with their abilities. Think Rough and his daily training montage.

Regular upgrades: Upgrading your shiny pieces may cost assets, however trust me, it’s a commendable investment. Seeing that shiny rook obliterate three adversary pieces merits each digital penny.

Differentiate your shiny pieces: Having all your shiny eggs in a single basket isn’t the most ideal strategy. It’s a chess game, not a shiny piece beauty pageant.

The Importance of Balance in Building a Shiny Piece Assortment

Presently, don’t go on a shiny piece binge right now. It’s not all about shiny pawns and sovereigns. Keep in mind, it’s as yet a chess game. A very much crafted strategy involving standard pieces can in any case take down an unprepared shiny piece army.

In building your shiny piece assortment, you ought to avoid the temptation to overstuff your army with shiny pieces. It resembles manic pixie dream young ladies in motion pictures — one can be peculiar and refreshing, however too many and you have a chaotic wreck that lacks profundity and construction. Balance is the name of the game in FPS Chess, similarly as it is throughout everyday life.

The Role of Luck in Obtaining Shiny Pieces

Lady Luck certainly plays an important role in getting these shiny treats, almost a piece like that rush of opening a packet of football stickers hoping for the rare shiny team logos. While you can utilize strategies and spend real-world cash, a few things are unchangeable as far as you might be concerned. It resembles finding a good luck charm while walking through a field, not exactly a science, more a touch of luck.

How To Get Shiny Pieces In FPS Chess

Conclusion: Enjoying the Game and Collecting Shiny Pieces

Whether you’re into FPS Chess for the excitement of the chase, or for the sweet victory of checkmating your rival using a shiny sovereign, make sure to partake in the game. After all, clashing pieces and flashing lights aside, it’s still about strategy, brains, and a sprinkle of luck.

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