WoW Classic Warrior Macros | The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to our Macros guide for Warriors where you will discover what the best macros are for your Warrior in WoW Classic. You can supplement the data on this page with our WoW Classic Warrior Macros Addons Guide.

There’s no question that macros have consistently been a significant part of World of Warcraft’s ongoing interaction. Notwithstanding, a few classes, like Warriors, commonly depend on them more than others. This is particularly evident in Vanilla WoW. That is the reason we’ve chosen to make this extreme WoW Classic Warrior Macros guide for you!

We will investigate different macros for various situations like being the primary tank in a gathering. In addition, we’ll likewise take a gander at the most significant Classic additional items so make a point to bookmark and read on!

This aide was written in 2020 and is important for the WoW Classic Warrior Macros arrival of the game just as private servers. You’ll discover all of the WoW Classic Druid Macros that I have found on the web and considered helpful. Not these are my unique creation and credit goes to whomever originally wrote the words onto paper.

Private Servers for WoW Classic just as the authority rerelease of the Dangerous World of Warcraft Classic Tier List. For the rerelease and it utilizes a cross breed current WoW and old WoW framework. Two of the greatest things that are inaccessible with this new full scale framework are Focus targets and the capacity to focus on any strike mark with a large scale.

What exactly is a Macro in World of Warcraft Classic?

A large scale is a particular in-game order that is embedded into the chatbox and it generally begins with a forward slice (/). The forward cut is important in light of the fact that this is which isolates WoW Classic Warrior Macros from simply composing an ordinary piece of text in the chatbox.

For instance, on the off chance that you’d prefer to murmur to another player you can type “/w in the visit. In any case, further developed types of macros are even used to improve your interactivity by restricting them to activity buttons.

How to set up Warrior Macros in Classic WoW?

Setting up WoW Classic Warrior Macros isn’t any not the same as making macros for any class.

To start with, you’ll need to open the Macros window – either by composing/full scale (or basically/m) in the talk or picking Macros from the Main Menu. Whenever you’ve opened the Macros window, you need to:

  • Pick a tab (General Macros or character-explicit ones)
  • Hit the New button
  • Select a symbol and the name for your full scale
  • Snap OK
  • Your recently made miniature will presently be added to the macros matrix (the primary window)
  • Select your miniature and snap Edit
  • Type your miniature
  • Snap Save

You would then be able to add your recently made full scale activity button to your activity bar and begin utilizing it. Presently, the two full scale classes (tabs) basically mean which of your characters will approach these macros.

As the name proposes, General Macros are available to every one of the characters on that specific record. While character-explicit ones are macros that might be accessible to the person you’re making them on.

On a side note, remember that there’s a 255-character limit for all macros in WoW.

What are the most useful Warrior Macros?

Here, we’ve hand-picked some incredible macros for when you’re the tank in your gathering/attack. Albeit these are layouts of apparently the most accommodating and significant WoW Classic Warrior Macros, we prescribe that you go ahead and make any changes assuming you need to.

Mouseover Taunt

  • #showtooltip Taunt
  • /cast [target=mouseover, exists] Taunt; Taunt


  • #showtooltip Bloodthirst
  • /cancelaura Blessing of Protection
  • /startattack
  • /cast Bloodthirst

Weapon Swap

  • /prepare “safeguard”
  • /prepare “two-hander”

Up next we have some average position dance macros:

Stance Dance Macro

  • #showtooltip Shield Wall
  • /startattack
  • /cast Defensive Stance
  • /cast Shield Wall

WoW Classic Warrior Macros

Stance Dance (With Weapon Swap) Macro

  • #showtooltip Shield Wall
  • /startattack
  • /prepare Carpenter’s Mallet
  • /prepare Worn Large Shield
  • /cast Defensive Stance
  • /cast Shield Wall

Here are some universally useful macros for your Warr:

WoW Classic Warrior Shield Bash Macro

  • #showtooltip Shield Bash
  • /cast [stance:1/2,equipped:Shields] Shield Bash;
  • /stopmacro [equipped: Shields]
  • /stopcasting
  • /equipslot 16 (weapon name without the sections)
  • /equipslot 17 (safeguard name without the sections)

Startattack Macro

  • #showtooltip Rend
  • /cast Rend
  • /startattack

Uncommon Targeting and Tagging Macro

  • /target Silithid Harvester
  • /cast Hamstring
  • /startattack

Button Reduction Macro

  • #showtooltip Charge
  • /cast Charge
  • /cast Rend
  • /startattack

Group Control into Bandage Macro

  • #showtooltip Intimidating Shout
  • /cast Intimidating Shout
  • /cast Heavy Runecloth Bandage

Which are the Best WoW Classic Warrior Addons?

Aside from some class-explicit addons, WoW Classic Warrior Macros likewise enormously advantage from standard addons. This World of Warcraft: Vulpera Heritage Armor mission aides, harm meters, and so on Despite the fact that a jumbled UI is never something worth being thankful for, now and again you’d need to supplant the default UI to work on your interactivity as a Warrior.

In this way, the following are a couple of our addon proposals for your Warrior:

EvlUI Classic

This addon replaces the default UI essentially with an exceptionally adaptable UI. You will actually want to profit from slick activity bars and contemporary unit edges to work on your ongoing interaction.

Classic Threat Meter

Regardless of whether you’re playing as a tank or a DPS Warr, Threat Meter is genuinely fundamental in assaults. Classic Threat Meter will show you how much danger you’re creating so that you’re generally where you ought to be, danger astute.

Spy Classic

Since Warriors are never enthused about Rogues (or different classes with secrecy capacities) sneaking up on them, Spy Classic bodes well. It checks the region around you for foe players and in the event that it recognizes anybody, Spy Classic uncovers their level and class in your UI.


This is a sublime route addon that empowers players to set waypoints on the principle map. In this manner, when you set a waypoint, a bolt creates the impression that focuses towards the specific area of the waypoint so you can arrive at specific arranges a lot simpler.

Auctioneer Classic

This is an incredible Auction House addon that can make your life simpler at whatever point you’re posting or looking for things on the AH. It’s a straightforward AH addon that even allows you to see the cost (per thing) on stacked things that are available to be purchased. It’s entirely acceptable, to the point that we’ve even remembered Auctioneer Classic for our WoW Classic Auction House Addon article!

So what’s the verdict regarding WoW Classic Warrior Macros?

Macros have consistently been significant in vanilla WoW and they’re a critical angle to Warriors’ interactivity too. Fortunately, presently you know what a large scale is, the manner by which to make one, and what the most helpful WoW Classic Warrior Macros are. Regardless of whether you’d prefer to further develop your position move or come out better as a tank, this aide of our own will undoubtedly make you a superior Warrior in general! Presently, what’s your cherished Warrior large scale in Classic World of Warcraft? Tell us by leaving a remark beneath!

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