How To Get Hero Tokens In Spider-Man 2 – Ultimate Guide

Hero Tokens are an important cash in Spider-Man 2, and they assume an essential part in unlocking different overhauls and customizations for your well disposed neighborhood superhero. In this aide, we will investigate how to obtain Hero Tokens and take advantage of them in the game.

How To Get Hero Tokens In Spider-Man 2

Where to Find Hero Tokens:

Investigation: Hero Tokens can frequently be found dispersed all through the open-world guide of New York City. Swing around, climb buildings, and investigate the city to find these tokens in different little hiding spots.

Side Missions: Completing side missions in the game is a critical wellspring of Hero Tokens. These missions add to the game’s storyline as well as remuneration you with these significant tokens.

Challenges: Participating in different challenges and exercises, for example, races, battle challenges, and covertness challenges, can likewise acquire you Hero Tokens.

Completing Side Missions:

Side missions are a predictable wellspring of Hero Tokens. These missions are set apart on your guide and can be handily found. They frequently involve helping residents, thwarting wrongdoings, or solving different issues around the city. Completing side missions rewards you with Hero Tokens as well as adds to your movement in the game.

Winning Challenges:

Participating in challenges is one more magnificent method for collecting Hero Tokens. Challenges come in different forms, including time preliminaries, battle challenges, and covertness missions. Achieving high scores or completing challenges with better times can net you more tokens. Make it a point to challenges you’ve finished to work on your performance and gather extra tokens.

Unlocking Hero Token Rewards:

Hero Tokens can be utilized to open many rewards, including new suits, gadgets, and overhauls. Check the overhaul menu and suit determination screens to see which things can be opened using Hero Tokens. Acquiring these rewards will improve your Spider-Man’s capacities and make you a significantly more formidable hero.

Tips for Collecting Hero Tokens Faster:

Focus on Side Missions: Focusing on side missions is an effective method for accumulating Hero Tokens while likewise contributing to the game’s account.

Practice Challenges: Repeating challenges and improving your performance will bring about better rewards. Focus on the particular goals of each test and plan accordingly.

Investigate Effectively: Don’t race through the game. Take as much time as is needed to investigate the city and its secret corners to find Hero Tokens. They can frequently be tracked down in surprising spots.

Utilize Your Gadgets: Use your gadgets for your potential benefit in battle and challenges. A few gadgets can assist you with completing challenges all the more productively and procure more tokens.

How To Get Hero Tokens In Spider-Man 2


Hero Tokens are fundamental in Spider-Man 2 for unlocking updates and customizations that improve your ongoing interaction experience. By completing side missions, taking on challenges, and exploring the city completely, you’ll have the option to gather Hero Tokens faster and become a much more talented and strong Spider-Man. In this way, get out there and begin swinging through the city to gather those important Hero Tokens!

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